A girlfriend of mine recently asked me, “How in the hell do you get anything accomplished work-wise with a toddler running around.”  Well, the truth is, there are days like today, where I honestly don’t get a thing accomplished.  The last thing I remember was waking up and starting a new day and the next thing you know, it’s dinnertime…and I have yet to tackle that to-do list that’s been the same for two weeks now.

So, as of right now, 2 days before Thanksgiving, I have YET to mail my Thanksgiving cards that I bought a MONTH ago.  (Sorry, family)  I have yet to make it to the gym yet this week and honestly, I don’t even know if we have everything we need for cooking dinner on Thursday.  blah.  But, we do have wine.  Lots of it, thank goodness :)

I’m not complaining really, more like explaining.  It’s all part of the sacrifice and job description. I have a list of reviews I’ve been planning on writing, never mind working on my new website, but alas,  other duties beckon and loudly.  So, why don’t I show you what I HAVE been doing and what’s been keeping me busy…or shall I say who.
Hanging out in the toy basket

And of course, my favorite:

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