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Back home and daydreaming

So, I’m back!  Actually, I’ve been back since Saturday, but I’ve been busy trying to organize my thoughts, catch up on emails and shake this exhaustion.  My time at BlogHer was great, but my experience deserves a slew of posts of their own.

IMG_3103Since I’ve been back, the boys and I have been busy trying to get back into the swing of things.  While I was away, I heard Jeff and Jack had a great time bonding together.  They got along famously without me—no surprise about that.  But on the second day that I was gone, Jeff said that after we spoke on the phone, Jack got upset.  As in, he threw a tantrum and then was sort of blah the rest of the day.  It was as if the first day without me was a novelty, and then the second day was like, “um, mommy’s gone and this sucks.”  As much as I loved the idea of the two of them growing even more inseparable in my absence, I thought, for sure, Jack would forget me when I got back.  So glad that wasn’t the case.

While I was in Chicago, I missed the start of our church’s annual feast.  I know I keep saying things like this, but since this is probably our last summer here as Hoboken residents, attending the St. Ann’s Feast was so crucial for me.  I missed the first few days, including our favorite NJ shore band.  But alas, Jeff and Jack went to the free Friday night concert, and well, danced their butts off.  So, while I sipped my vodka cocktails, my boy danced his little butt off to The Nerds.  I loved that I was able to witness the hilarity via cellphone.

As sad as I was to leave the conference a day early (since I only had tickets for one day,) I was truly ready to come home.  The boys met me at the airport with their arms (and the little one’s mouth) wide open.  What a homecoming!  I know it was only 2 days, but I’m so glad I don’t have to travel solo that much anymore.

Jack and Jeff at St. Ann's

The guys and I had dinner at the feast, i.e., we had street meat and listened to some fun tunes.  Once again, Jack had a blast dancing and putting on a show for anyone who would watch.  This one, he loves an audience and performing—not sure where he got that from (Jeff).

On a somewhat related note, you know how we always say our town is a bit crooked? Funny how it’s all over the news now, what with our ridiculous mayor, by the way who wasn’t even in office an entire month, getting arrested for an FBI sting. But I love how our priest makes a “cameo” in the Times. It kind of sucks that the place we’ve been calling home for our entire married life, is tainted by more negativity. And to think, we’ve worked so hard just to be able to pay our taxes and be able to afford to live here, while we have elected officials pocketing bribe money and contributing to the laundry list of corruption…awesome, no?

As if we didn’t already have our minds made up, now, it’s really time to get out.


IMG_3115Considering we haven’t hung out with anyone for months, Sunday was a much needed excursion to see our friends at a BBQ.  In between chasing and wrangling the Energizer toddler, I had fun catching up with friends and enjoying the glorious food. YUM and thanks J & M! You guys are the best host and hostess!  And like we always do after visiting these friends, we’re daydreaming more than ever.  But this time, some plans are in motion.  Well, sort of.  If you know what that means, you know why we’re excited, but still not getting our hopes up.  Lots more change upon the horizon…

Anyway, it’s good to be back.  Now, it’s time to focus on the Hawaii trip and the events surrounding it!  It’s never a dull moment around here.

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Weekend fun: Toys “R” Us in Times Square

For the first weekend of Spring, I wanted nothing more than to bask in the sunshine and to frolic in the wilderness.

We went to Toys “R” Us in Times Square instead.  Close enough.

Because we were cooped up in the house for a good part of last week, I thought it would be fun to take a City day on Saturday.  On Saturday, TRU was celebrating the Little People’s 50th Birthday. With the Thomas the Train freebie going on and the birthday celebration, I thought it’d be a fun outing for the boy.  The dilemma, however, is that we have zero patience for crowds.  And when I mean ‘we,’ I mean Jeff.

Toys R Us, Times SquareTimes Square is an area of NYC that we only visit when we have out of town guests.  I mean, why would we want to subject ourselves to relentless foot traffic, compounded by the insane amount of car traffic?  We don’t go  often as we should and it is only a “quick” bus ride away, so we made an afternoon out of it.  Despite the not-so-quick, overcrowded bus ride that ended up taking well over an hour to take us the whole 2 miles from our neighborhood to NYC, plus the usual crowds in Times Square, it was fun to visit Toys “R” Us with our bright-eyed toddler.  It was packed inside of the 3-storied mega-store, but it was bearable compared to the sidewalk traffic–controlled chaos, if you will.  If you go to that store on a weekend, regardless of time of year, I guess you can only expect that level of craziness.  It is in the heart of one of the most touristy spots of NYC.

In the end, braving the crowds is always so worth it.  TRU in Times Square is definitely a wonderland for kids of all ages:  Legos, robots, a giant roaring dinosaur, a menagerie of stuffed animals, a walk-through Barbie doll house, baby toys galore and so much more.  Jack ran amok with all the other little kids, howled at all the fun toys that he’ll never own, sat and colored and checked out more toys than his little head could handle.
Hi-fiving the character guy

We browsed the usual kiddie sections, admired/feared the roaring dinosaur and had some fun with the Little People Celebration.  The highlight, at least for me, was scoring the free Thomas the Train toys.  TRU had coupons for free wooden trains and we got 2–one Thomas and Lights and Sounds Percy.  It seems like train tables and the plethora of accouterments are a classic among the preschool set, so it was pretty cool to get Jack’s first trains for free.  And what a deal:  each train was in the $20 range, and it was free!  Although, Jeff calls it the drug dealer mentality, that once you get one or two parts for free, you’ll want to continue feeding your fix with the hundreds of other train parts and pieces. I’m not having that yet; we have enough teeny tiny random toy pieces already in our space-challenged apartment.  But thanks, TRU for the free trains!

Terrified of the dinosaurAfter about 2.5 hours we were all spent from the crowds and craziness.  We left the giant Toys “R” Us with our freebies, a new stuffed Plex (the yellow robot from Jack’s new favorite show, ) a goody bag and a cute Polaroid w/ a life-sized Little People character.  It was a fun outing, but definitely one that can only be enjoyed in small, infrequent doses.

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Staying Grounded

Though I can’t reblackoutmember the last time I slept in until the sun was actually out, and I might have accidentally blown up Friday night’s dinner, and our power unexpectedly went out for a few hours on Saturday due to the storm, it’s weekends like these that definitely put life into perspective.

Life can be so exhaustive and relentlessly unscripted, but beyond those small details, there’s nothing like seeing life through the eyes of a curious toddler.  The 3 of us had a lovely weekend filled with laughs and quality bonding time–it was awesome.

Eight hours of sleep?  ha!  Who needs that when there’s so much ground to cover.


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