Yesterday slidingwas a gorgeous day for us, and from what it sounds like, spring was in the air for many others as well. Jack and I left our big poofy jackets and gloves at home, unzipped the Bundle Me and spent several hours outside. We hit the park TWICE, had lunch and attempted to get some parking pass stuff fixed at the parking utility. Being outside in the sun and warmth made a big difference in our day; I felt much more productive, sociable and considerably happier—well, besides wanting to karate chop the lady at the parking utility. But, I digress…

Even though we officially have several more weeks left of winter, I’ll take one day of warmth and sunshine over none at all. I have a long list of places to go see once the weather is warmer. I can’t wait!


I’m finishing up last minute details on the new website and have recently made more contacts with a few more companies. I really can’t wait to get things rolling, which will be very, very soon! Speaking of getting things rolling, we’re heading out to Va. again tomorrow for yet another whirlwind weekend. This time, we’ll be home for a shower that I’m helping “host.” ;)

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