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These are the days

Yesterday morning, before opening his eyes, Jack was already clapping his hands and requesting his favorite (but my not-so-favorite) show.

The kid wasn’t even AWAKE yet, and he’s all about Twist, Shout, Kiki and Marina. What the hell?

In case you’re not familiar, this particular show showcases some of the hottest moves for preschoolers. It even has Jeff dancing and singing about some damn “Loco Legs.”


You guessed it; our sick boy is back to normal. It took 4 visits to the dr., 2 antibiotic shots, LOTS of tears and lost sleep, but he’s back to normal. And by normal, I mean he’s dancing and singing, screaming and jumping, too!

It’s good to have this craziness back.

For about a week, I had to cancel plans and dump our regular schedule of visiting the park for a few hours each day. No social interaction for a week—not including the nurses, doctors and people in the doctor’s office—makes for a loooong week. I guess I had a refresher of what the long winter indoors will be like. Let’s hope we find ways to keep busy with our local friends when it gets all cold again.


Speaking of busy, last Friday was my one year anniversary of quitting my job. As I said on FB, what a year it’s been. One year ago, I never envisioned myself to be ___here___. Perhaps, I had totally different expectations, but I never visualized myself becoming totally immersed in social media and the blogosphere. It’s been an interesting transition, but a great one. I’ll have to devote a whole post to it later, but I love where I am. Love.

I love all the friends I’ve made, all the contacts I’ve met, all the events I’ve attended, all the cool experiences to speak of, but especially, getting to witness the little things with Jack each and every day.

Don’t get me wrong, some days with him obviously suck the life out of me, but the other days that are filled will kisses, hugs and snuggling, yeah, those are the days that justify all that doubt about me quitting my job and letting go of that chapter. Those days are the ones that make me forget about not being able to get those overpriced boots or declining that fun soiree that no longer fits in the budget. Those are the days where I want *maybe* 3 more Jacks.

These are the days that make me love this job so, so, much.

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Ear infections, figure fours and no sleep for the weary

So, we’re working on a week now…

A week of what you might ask?

A week of non-stop “mama, mama, mama, mama, mama.” A week of “no like, mama.” A week of holding my strong little boy in the Figure Four position, wrestling him down to force feed him spoonfuls of Amoxicillin. A week of being quarantined all in the name of his first ear infection.

This isn’t really a milestone, but hey, we’ve been ear infection-free for 2 years. I guess we lucked out in that department. Let’s hope we won’t have to deal with this much longer or at all in the near future!

Our poor guy has been miserable. I mean, look at that face! Quite the difference from just two weeks ago at his well visit!

Sick boy24m well baby

Ok, so, miserable doesn’t even do it justice. He’s a hot mess quite literally. There have been a few days in a row now where his temperature has been as high as 104ish and hasn’t been below 102. When all I hear and read about is the H1N1 virus, it’s hard not to be worrisome.

So, we haven’t slept much. He hasn’t moved out of my lap much either. But the last part isn’t so bad.

Except when it’s 4am.

We’ve been to the dr. WAY too much this past week, with today’s 2 hour wait/visit/debacle involving a throat culture, hysterical little boy and punctuated with an antibiotic shot to the no longer chubby thigh.

But, good news! After sleeping off some of his exhaustion (and canceling my plans to attend a Cupcake Crawl!!) my buddy, popped up from his nap and squealed with glee! No, really. He did!

He laughed a little, whined a little, laughed a little more and then still insisted on crawling onto my lap a few times. His fever isn’t as crazy as it’s been, which is good. He’s not wailing over the pain from his ears that much either. I don’t want to jinx it, but it looks like we’re on the mend! Cross your fingers, everyone. I’m ready to have a healthy boy and a little social interaction besides the nurses at the dr’s office!

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When motherly instincts and past experiences converge

The past 24 hours have gone from bad to worse, at least in terms of the kid’s health.  It’s amazing to me how, in just a few hours, a lingering cough could morph into a full-on stomach bug, complete Pedialyte and uh, lots of carpet cleaner.  Spoiler alert:  last night wasn’t pretty to say the least.

In all those mommy how-to books, they don’t discuss the “real” issues like what to do when your kid projectile vomits all over the place.  It’s pretty common sense, yes, but after the fallout, I was a bit perplexed on what to do next, since in the past, particularly before I became a mom, I wasn’t really sober when things got that messy.  (In more recent times, I was often the one cleaning up friends and holding back ponytails.) When the motherly instinct kicked in, I put a sickened Jack in the tub, “just in case” and to contain any aftershocks.  The kid in tub tactic ended up working out and surprisingly, my own gag reflex didn’t go into overdrive.

And they say nothing good ever happens after 1am.  Bad things DO happen, but you learn from them. At least I always did…hahaha.

Back to the kid…right before it was time to go make dinner, we went from mommy and Jack watching Yo Gabba Gabba together on the chair to complete chaos.  After scrubbing us both off, the kid and I got dressed.  A few minutes later, we cabbed it to the pediatrician after Jeff confirmed with the dr’s office that we needed to bring him in.  (There’s a nasty bug lingering around town with lots of babies getting super sick.)  We sat in a sick-kid filled waiting room as Jack insisted on roaming around the halls.  An hour and a half later, the doc tells us that yes, his temp was teetering at 102.7 and had all the symptomatic signs of a viral infection.

No antibiotics are necessary, thank goodness; but the doctor recommended Tylenol as needed and plenty of fluids.  We went with the Pedialyte popcicles and Gatorade.  As he climbs in and out of his laundry basket of toys, laughing and giggling, it’s so hard to tell he’s sick.  The biggest giveaway is the total meltdown when he’s tired or super uncomfortable.  Since the weather is supposed to dip to unreal temperatures this week,  I plan to isolate ourselves so that Jack gets better and is well in time for Auntie Kris’ visit this weekend.

Forced isolation in these temps won’t be so hard, I’m sure.  Ask me again in a few days :)

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