The bedtime shuffle started at approximately 5:45 tonight.  It was just 5 minutes after I put dinner in the oven and heard my unread newspaper being used as a new-found toy.

“Jackson,” Jeff pleaded, “that’s mommy’s newspaper.  She’s going to be upset if you rip it, please bring it to daddy.”

*rip, shed, rip, rip*


It wasn’t the loss of yet another Thing of importance that was frustrating, it was the fact that Jack was smacking his head (his sign for sleep) in hopes of getting the message across that “Hey mom and dad, I’m tearing up this dumb newspaper because I WANT TO GO TO BED.”

My plans for the 3 of us having Sunday dinner together was quickly kiboshed as soon as the boy completed his confetti crusade and went into full-on meltdown mode.  From the crescendo of his shrieks, Daddy negotiations wouldn’t suffice.  I poked my head out of the kitchen to find my pantless, tearful toddler with arms fully extended and fingers wiggling my way.

Smacking his head even harder all my buddy could do was, “MAMAMAMAMAMA  wahhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Daylight Saving Fall Back, I hate you.

Ok, no, I don’t.

What I mean is, I love AND hate Daylight Saving Time.  I love the arrival of spring and how it gets brighter earlier.  I love summer afternoons lasting until 8:30 p.m.!  I love how the concept begins in March, giving us about 8 months worth of daylight savings.  On the otherhand, I truly hate it when it’s dark out at 5 p.m.  But what I’ve recently learned is that I hate how this whole Fall Back thing rattles the bedtime shuffle even more.
I’m really never going to sleep ever again.

Last November, since Jack was an infant, I REALLY didn’t sleep at all, so I didn’t notice the time change and its effect.  So this year, I assumed it’d be seamless once again…especially since I actually got that extra hour of sleep this morning!  (Jack slept in until 7a.m.!!)
So when reality reared its head this evening at dinnertime, I really didn’t expect to battle tears and almost 3 hours of clingyness.  It was rough, but we made it.  Thank goodness Jeff and I were able to tagteam with the tear-wiping and toddler negotiations long enough to eat a maellable Sunday dinner.

According to Lisa Belkin, writer of one of my favorite Times Blogs, all should be back to “normal” once everyone is adjusted to this new routine, supposedly in 5 days or so.  Of course, as soon as I get a grip on our OLD bedtime shuffle, things have to get all crazy.

Oh well, it’s not like I’m ever going to enjoy sleep again anyway.

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