According to a new British study, forward-facing strollers might be stressing your baby.  Because of lack of face to face contact with the parent, babies could end up “emotionally impoverished,” the study says.

“Specifically, the study found that 25 percent of parents using face-to-face buggies actually spoke to their baby, more than twice as many as with away-facing buggies, which are the most common type.”

As with all these reports, take it for what it’s worth.  To me, it all depends on the circumstance—all children and families are different.  What I completely agree with is,

“Parents deserve to be able to make informed choices as to how to best promote their children’s emotional, physical, and neurological development.”

We are out and about strolling practically every day, sometimes for hours at a time.  When he was a baby, we often used the rear-facing position.  Now that he’s older, Jack enjoys looking out and watching what’s going on in front of him.  The last time we used the rear-facing position was last spring.  But that said, I do love our stroller’s rear and forward facing options.  It was actually one of the requirements when we were researching strollers.  It’s fitting, however, that more and more stroller manufacturers include this option in the latest models.  I’ve compiled just a few below:

Uppa Baby Vista– I’m obviously biased about this stroller because this is what we own, but I can’t say enough great things about it.  It’s durable, extremely maneuverable on all terrains and very practical.  The fact that it’s also an eco-friendly American company was a very high selling point for us.

Britax Vigor- This one is described to be a versatile stroller that boasts various options including the forward and rear-facing positions.

Bugaboo- The ubquitous Bugaboo is said to have made the rear-facing option popular.  This one seems to be a favorite among many families.

Mutsy- This was the stroller we were originally going to go with, until we fell in love with ours.  This stroller boasts an elevated level, allowing the baby to sit a bit higher than other stroller.  I’ve seen this one being pushed around more often in our area, and it’s a sharp looking stroller.

Orbit- This stroller is another sharp-looking vehicle.  It’s futuristic, in that the infant car seat doubles as a basinette.  Its unique design and versatility has attracted popularity in the Hollywood mamas and pappas.  Dwight from the Office famously tested out its indestructibility a few episodes ago.

Stokke Xplory Reversible Stroller-  Another forward-thinking manufacturer, Stokke is known for their great concepts in children’s products, including cribs, changing tables and high chairs, among others.  The stroller also features an elevated seat, and is probably the highest of most other rear-facing strollers.

Rockstar Baby- Another stroller that has gained popularity, the Rockstar Baby stroller offers the versatility of forward and rear-facing options.

A few new models that I’ve seen, but don’t know much about:
Hauck I’Coo Infinity Reversible Stroller
Fisher Price Infant to Toddler Reversible Stroller
Peg Perego Venezia Reversible Stroller

These are just a few of the many strollers out there! As manufacturers continue to meet the needs of babies and parents, the options continue to broaden.

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