…parade, that is…as in baby parade.

First things first:  I feel like any time I say “baby, “or show interest in someone else’s baby or even think baby…well, you know how it goes.  So here’s my gentle disclaimer:  this is about a baby parade.  Not new babies, just a baby parade :)

The highlight of our weekend, well to me anyway, was The Hoboken Baby Parade. The Hoboken Baby Parade is a 100 year old tradition in town. In the olden days, people paraded their babies around and at the end, pediatricians would provide basic medical care for the kids.
In modern days, we parade our kids around town in our overpriced, overdecorated strollers for fun. Ridiculous? Maybe. The best part was that it was a fun way to interact with the community and a great way to observe a local tradition.

And oh yeah, an excuse to break in the kiddie pirate gear. We tried so hard to teach Jack important piratey jargon like, “Arrrrrgh.”  But Arrrrrrgh translated into Raaaaaaarrrr!  So Jack went around roaring with his pirate flag and inflatable sword with the ferocity of a dinosaur.

But luckily, he was in good company—not the roaring, but the swashbuckling around town.  We met a nice family who also happened to be a mixed family with an Asian mom and white dad, but they had two boys probably a year or two older than Jack.  The boys were dressed head-to-toe in pirate gear.  One boy had the coolest rainboots that I so want to find!  Anyway, when they saw Jack’s pirate flag and gear, it became this instantaneous kiddie pirate camaraderie in the middle of the busy sidewalk.

Pirate on the Hudson

Arrrgh!  What a fun time!

So cute, so fun…makes me never want to leave this town.  But then again, the thought of what’s upon the horizon might not be so bad after all.

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