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It’s all about the bubbly

Well, not always…

When I’m not chasing Jack through the park or asking him to keep his clothes on (seriously), I’ve been attending a few blogging and media events. As always, I’m behind on posts, photos and updates, but I had to share this latest event.

Last night, I attended the Bubbles and Bubbly event hosted by Wisk HE, where I had the chance to taste some delicious champagne, get my bubbles read and yes, learn about bubbles and how it relates to laundry. It’s kinda ironic for me to be attending a laundry-related event with all the bitching I do about not having a washing machine! But I will…one day. And there’s still plenty of laundry to be done in the interim.

Bubbles, it turns out, are important in sparking wine and champagne. Belinda Chang, the sommelier in attendance, advised us that we want to look for bubbles that “dance.” The more, the better, she said. The four different types of champagne that we tried were all equally delicious. Though I had to crack up that the “cheap” champagne was a $30 bottle. HA! You’re talking to a gal who thinks $20 for a bottle of booze is pricey.

As for the bubble reading, my bubbles were plentiful. From that, I learned that I’ve been busy for the past few months (duh) and that time is on my side. Even better, I should be getting good news in early December…a house? a bag of $100 bills?

IMG_1299After the fun stuff, we tested out the Wisk detergent on a grass-stained cloth. We did several experiments to learn that the wash DOES NOT need a ton of bubbles to work well. In fact, too many bubbles may leave soap residue, which could be an irritant, among other things. I’ll be honest, I’m one of those people that dump tons of detergent into the washing machine to make sure there are a lot of bubbles. But after the experiments, it was interesting to see that even with only a few bubbles, the detergent worked just fine. And truth be told, in some cases, the ingredients that create bubbles in soaps and detergents is usually not a good thing.
IMG_1334don't need a lot of bubbles

Because of Jack’s skin and personal greener preferences, I’m big about seeing ingredients lists, not to mention we tend to use plant-based detergents as often as we can. Though, right now, we’re still working on a few bottles of a baby detergent that Jeff brought home from work.

All in all, it was a fun night to sip bubbly and meet a few other bloggers, some of whom were from out of town. I wish I could’ve stayed much longer to mingle, but I had to jet to attend the Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower event. The highlights were definitely the bubbly, enjoying a night out and learning about the significance of bubbles. Oh, and I can’t forget: I enjoyed the car service that picked me up and dropped me off at the event, which was a Hybrid Lexus. It took 15 minutes to get into the city. Uh, awesome!?

*As a full disclosure, we don’t normally use Wisk, but will probably give it a whirl (on mine and Jeff’s clothes) since they gave us a bottle as part of the generous gift bag. Thanks, Wisk. Also, not all of the above photos are mine. The two that you can’t click on are part of the Bubbles and Bubbly set from LaundryHE.

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Weathering through the working woes

From beginning to end, this week marked one of the most tumultuous, yet fulfilling weeks I’ve ever had.

Our guy turned 2 on Sunday.  We traveled way more than we could physically handle for the sake of others.  We welcomed another month of crazy, busy activities and events.  I attended a lovely event, but my experience was clouded by Jack’s awful, AWFUL  separation anxiety issues.  I checked out some of the hottest, coolest toys EVER and connected with so many interesting people (more on this to come and lots more info. can be read on NKT!) But best of all, my guys got to bond one on one for a change.

By the middle of the week, I was so blinded by exhaustion and frustration. After the event where Jack bawled uncontrollably for practically 2 hours in a swanky restaurant that I’d been dying to try and finally had the chance, much thanks to the luncheon I was invited to, I felt so defeated.  Instead of mingling with people, all of whom were just as passionate or interested in this brand of products, my job as a mom came first.

Jack, for some reason, can’t shake this separation anxiety spell.  He cries his little eyes out, his nose runs, his little round face gets all red and he hyperventilates…until I come back.  I know it’s a temporary phase, but it certainly doesn’t make the present any less painful.

As a family who tries to juggle life without any family nearby, surviving on one predictable salary while I build the foundation for another, when I’m invited to a media or blogger event, I have no choice but to be selective.  It’s always an honor to be invited to events, though we can’t always swallow the expense of babysitters, plus the cabs and trains.  (Let’s put it this way, most nannies and babysitters make just as much as I did when I was still working as an editor; hence one of the reasons why I went freelance.)  So this particular event, because it was a brand that our family loves, was one event that I couldn’t wait to attend.  The fact that they offered childcare was an added perk.  Awesome right?

Yeah, not so much when your kid insists on being attached to your leg, for fear of being abandoned.

Is this separation anxiety my fault for choosing to work from home?  Are we to blame for visiting Va. more often than our bodies and emotions can handle (and saying goodbye way too enough, thus disrupting his normal routines?)

I choose to believe that it’s just another phase that we’ll weather through…

Whatever the reason might be, Jack’s crying and outbursts made another little boy cry, too.  Frickin’ fabulous, I thought.  Jack’s just barely on the cusp of understanding cause and effect, but he most certainly did not grasp why mommy wanted to leave him in a strange room filled with little kids with 2 unfamiliar adults.

Jack cried loud enough for a room full of executives, members of the press and bloggers, like me to hear.  I can’t say I was embarrassed—he’s my kid for crying out loud.  I will say that I was annoyed at the people who rolled their eyes or mouthed snarky comments about the crying kid.  MY kid.  It was then that I second-guessed myself for even attending, what I thought was, an event celebrating one of the best companies that embrace greener lifestyles and raising organic kids.

It was almost surreal that my mostly organically and green-grown child was like a misfit because he couldn’t stand being away from me.

At one point, understandably, I was asked to go tend to him because he was So LOUD.  Perhaps, they couldn’t hear the taping of speeches or hear the slideshow in the midst of his terror-filled cries?

And so, I spent most of my afternoon in the childcare room feeling isolated, bitter and left out.

As a friend later told me, I was being harder on myself and more critical of the situation than others were.  eh…maybe.  But from the glares that I felt that I was getting, it definitely felt much different.

My kid was crying a lot.  I should have left altogether.  Problem was, the base of our stroller was on the OTHER side of the room, like the side I couldn’t access because there was a podium and audience separating us.  So, I spent most of the event in the childcare room, missing a majority of what I trekked there for in the first place.

Lesson learned.

My feelings, experiences and thoughts in NO WAY reflect the company or publicists.  I’m quite appreciative for the aforementioned, but honestly, hurt by a few of my peers who made me feel uncomfortable for being a mother that day.  My friends who kept me company that afternoon?  Yeah, they rocked…especially when I couldn’t get our giant stroller in and out of yet another logistically impossible and stroller-unfriendly establishment.

In the end, I’m just another mom trying to make it work.  I got the information we needed, enjoyed bites of a lovely lunch and made it home unscathed.  This wasn’t the first stroller-schlepping and tear-filled outing.  My guess is that it won’t be the last.  It’s all in a day’s work of this blogging/writing/reporting mama.

Next time, I’ll rethink my choices. (Do I decline the childcare and get my own sitter?  Do I figure out a way to break this separation anxiety spell?) But today, even after all the tears and stroller-schleeping,  I’m glad I know how to handle (or NOT to handle) the next chaotic situation.  Seriously, the thought of multiple children in this city-living, event-attending realm gives me night tremors.  But that’s a whole different post.

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Today’s Moms Book Bash and Diapers Drive

They say it takes a village to raise a child, but these days, it takes an entire community.

The authorsLast Friday, I had the chance to take part in the Today’s Moms Book Bash and Diaper Drive.  The event promoted Today Show producers, Maryanne Zoellner and Alicia Ybarbo’s book, Today’s Mom: The Essentials for Surviving Baby’s First Year, and it also brought awareness to a wonderful organization, Baby Buggy.  The room, filled with other mom bloggers and social media influencers,  brought together many voices to get the word out about a great new book, but also a great charity that helps moms in need.

Founded by Jessica Seinfeld in 2001, Baby Buggy is a non-profit organization that aims to reduce the financial burden on low-income families by collecting and delivering gently used baby items.  The moms in attendance were asked to donate a pack of Pampers with Baby Buggy’sToday's Moms initiatives in mind.  With about 100 or so moms in attendance, Baby Buggy collected quite a few Pampers to help families in need, but more importantly got us moms talking about the importance of helping NYC who really need it.  If you have gently used items that you no longer need or items that you never had the chance to use (like us,) please consider donating to Baby Buggy.  In fact, I will be donating several bags of unused items later this week.

At the breakfast and book bash, several of Mary Ann Zoellner and Alicia Ybarbo’s familiar friends stopped by—fellow Hoboken mom, Natalie Morales and another Today Show mama, Amy Robach were on hand.  The surprise guest was perhaps the best treat:  none other than Fergie ( the “real” one), Sarah Ferguson, made an appearance and spoke candidly about being modern moms and how it’s so important for us to continue helping and reaching out to one another.  It was so nice that she could take time out of her schedule to reach out to us “real” moms, but also to learn the extent of her authenticity and humor!

There were so many fun giveaway gifts—none of which I won—but I’m sure I’ll be talking about them over on The Next Kid Thing. Even though I went solo, I met so many super sweet moms, some local and one from as far as Boston, including  Mary Ann and Alicia@todaysmoms ,@melysas, @primetimeparent, @MommyNiri, @BabyCenterMom and @ChildsPlayComm.

Be sure to check out Today’s Moms book! Thanks for such a fun morning, @todaysmoms!!

Surviving that first year is a piece of cake, especially when you’ve got a community of moms who have your back!

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