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16 month update

Ah…16 months. A year and a half is creeping up on us so quickly. And since there’s been so many developments lately, I thought I’d do an update, since the monthly updates have been scarce altogether. No more baby!

The little boy is quite convinced he’s a big boy these days. As funny as it is, Jeff likes to tell everyone that he has my attitude.
Pffffft! What attitude!?
But really, he does.  Oh, I’m in for it…

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Elmo and You Tube “Poop”

Jack’s been busy building his vocabulary these days.  And just like most kids his age, he is so mesmerized by Elmo.  So naturally, after reading Ready, Set, Brush a gazillion times, in addition to watching Sesame Street every morning, the minute Jack sees that fuzzy baby-talking monster, he squeals.  But last night was different.  When a commercial for Sesame Street Live came on tv, in mid-chew, Jack practically removes dinner from his mouth just to yelp, “Elmo, Elmo, Elmo, yyyeeeee!”  It was both freaky and cute that he can now verbalize his favorite character’s name.  Oh boy, and so it begins ;)

So, in honor of Jack’s latest word, I thought I’d share some Elmo You Tube Poop that made both of us laugh, but for totally different reasons.

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