In the whirlwind that is life, it’s so hard to forget just how much we impact this little guy.  He’s in the learning to talk stage, and I can already see that this phase will quickly morph into the TALKING ALL THE TIME stage.

He flails his hands and twirls his fingers (Jeff and I are hand-talkers extraordinaire) all while inflecting his rampant run-on “sentences,” otherwise known as the repition of words that he knows and loves, buh-bye, go bye, noooooooo, mama, outside, mama, buh-bye, shooooes, and mama and dada.  And my absolute favorite word that he says: Please.

It’s not just any “please” it’s the cutest “please” you’ll ever hear OR see.

He tilts his little head, twinkles those beady brown eyes and in a high-pitch he’ll utter, “pweeeeeeeeaasshhe.”


Like my younger brother said after Jack begged for some potato chips from him, “How can you say no to THAT!”

haha. I’m not sure how, but I do.

And I do it a lot.

Motherhood isn’t easy.  I have never claimed that it is.  Amidst all the judgments that are passed on the decisions I make or the looks thrown at me when my kid throws another tantrum in public because I said no, when all is said and done, I know that I’m doing something right. Much to everyone’s surprise, his first words were not asshole, shit or any four-letter word that requires an R-rating.

It might be something as small as learning how to say “please,” but it’s proof that I’m trying my damnedest to enlighten my kid’s life—even if it is one manner at a time.  It’s also a reminder that your children are a reflection of you and ultimately, how you treat them.

You can thank me later, Jack ; )  Mama loves you.

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