It’s another gray day here in north Jersey, and quite frankly, we’re over it.  We’re officially out of groceries and other necessities and I’m so tempted to forgo the walk to the grocery store and just have it delivered… Nah, that would negate all the coupons and sales. Jack will be excited to get out and splash in the puddles.

Speaking of groceries, I went into the city to take part in a very informative and thought-provoking focus group.  It was about a new sweetener, so most of the discussion was about all the artificial sweeteners and our grocery buying habits in general.  We’re not big on artificial sweeteners, particularly because of all the research that’s coming out about them and we tend to lean more toward natural products.  Of course, it certainly didn’t help that the smell of aspartame made me so ill while I was pregnant.  As much I used to love Coke Zero before I got pregnant, I can’t bring myself to buy it anymore.  What about you guys, do you put much thought into sweeteners?  Do you seek out or avoid artificial sweeteners?

As soon as I get more information from the company and the big brands that are going to implement it, I’ll be sure to share and post a story.


It’s too bad that the Hoboken Spring Music and Arts Fest was so rainy and soggy this past Sunday. It was the first day that I felt comfortable leaving the house and not being as contagious. He might have a bit of a cold, but he can still rock out to interesting kiddie rockbands—in the rain.

On a separate note because we’re so over feeling under the weather and the dreary gray weather itself, I thought I’d share Jack’s thoughts as well.  This is how he felt after waiting almost 2 hours to be seen at the pediatrician’s office.

so tired of being sick!

It was a long wait in that waiting room with lots of sick kids whining and crying…I wanted to curl up and cry next to him.

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