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Thoughts of coming home

The walls of our apartment have been closing in.  Every square inch of our carpet is worn from all the foot traffic.  And now, it seems, we play Jenga with clothes/toys/misc. stuff that we need, yet have no where to store.

It’s not breaking news, but it’s official: we’ve outgrown our 1 bedroom railroad apartment.

We’ve toyed with moving back to Va. Beach to be closer to family, we’ve shopped for condos in the NYC area and yes, we’ve perused the real estate sites for YEARS for houses in suburban New Jersey.  Circumstances have created unexpected roadblocks to our path to homeownership.  And quite honestly, it’s expensive to buy a home in the tri-state area, not to mention havoc that the whole real estate and mortgage meltdown created. Oh, and let’s not forget, if it were up to me, we’d never leave the Hoboken.

Jack and I are enjoying a week with family here in Va. Beach now, and I can’t get my mind off of what’s waiting for us in Jerz.  Of course, it’s nice seeing family here, but it’s clear that this is just a place we like to visit.

We had the chance to see a few friends already since we arrived early yesterday morning.  As usual, people ask when we’re moving back “home” and insinuate that we should’ve had enough of the NYC area by now…  For those not used to our lifestyle, the apartment rental, public transportation and small space sound so primitive, when really, it’s just a byproduct of urban living.  (I see those looks you throw us.)  But like the Jeffersons, we’re movin’ on up…

So you can imagine how good it feels to say, “Well, actually, we are in the process of finding/buying a home in North Jersey.  So, yeah, we’ll be settling there.

It’s no secret, but we love where we come from; but it feels so great to know where we’re going.

We’ll enjoy all this for now—the fun visits, the weeklong vacation with grandparents—knowing that things will undoubtedly change once we move.  For once, instead of trying to make everyone else happy with these frequent trips back “home” we can finally look forward to concentrating on us, and hopefully, the place we’ll happily call home.

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Easter fun and the crazy things we do

After a nice and relaxing week in good ol’ Virginia Beach, Jack, Jeff and I are back in the saddle—well, we’re trying at least.  Per usual, our bags still need to be unpacked and toys are strewn about, but I’ll get to them.  I’ve got more important things to do like launch a website :)   And by the way everyone, thanks again for your support on spreading the word, commenting, Facebooking and the general pimping.  The feedback has been incredible so far!  Thank you!

Aside from my reluctance to abandon our routine, last week ended up being a nice change of pace.  I hated being so immobilized without a car and having opposite schedules than all of my friends who are on spring break THIS week.  But it was nice to sit and work without any major interruptions, or having to dig food out of anyone’s nose, or scolding someone for climbing atop tables.  Jeff gets really unruly these days. haha. just kidding.  Jack is a handful, but he is also the sweetest, lovey boy.  Except when he breaks things.  Ooops!
Easter, itself, was such a beautiful and hectic day.  As usual, we were running late to church and arrived to a parking lot that was so packed, traffic had to be directed to control the chaos.  The actual church was standing room only.  We stood shoulder-to-shoulder for a good portion of the mass, that is, until Jack decided to let everyone know—quite loudly—that he was hot, hungry and over it.

The rest of the day was spent Easter Egg hunting and chasing uncles and making grandparents laugh.  With us being so far away, I cherish the holidays because we all actually sit down to eat and talk and laugh.  I hope to continue fostering those special family traditions to balance out the crazy dysfunction.  We even took the time to enjoy “family” programming—Stepbrothers.  Because nothing says “family” more than laughing at a pair of manchilds when the storyline hits so close to home :)   There’s nothing like a full house, filled with laughter and delicious food.

Like most trips, the main caveat to all the family fun is always the havoc wreaked to our non-existent sleeping patterns.  Let’s see, of the entire week last week, Jack slept through the night only one night.  Every other night, if he wasn’t crying himself to sleep (my family is convinced he does this every night. I promise, it’s NOTHING like this here at home.) he was waking up boycotting sleep all together.  Awesome.

Last night was no exception.  Since we got home at about 1am, we had to wake Jack up to bring him inside.  Guess who was a bit upset by this?  You guessed it!  And since he was a screaming like a banshee, and Jeff needed to go to bed after a weekend full of driving, Jack and I retreated to our big blue chair.  It’s comfy, but not THAT comfy!  The sleeplessness never ends.

Oh and how about this picture?  After the crazy day at church, this is what I said to my family before they took Jack out in his white shirt to roll around in the mud and give him pots of water to play with,  “All I want is ONE decent picture in his Easter Sunday outfit.  Just one.”

THIS is what I get.

And it rocks because it’s so Jack.

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