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Easter fun and the crazy things we do

After a nice and relaxing week in good ol’ Virginia Beach, Jack, Jeff and I are back in the saddle—well, we’re trying at least.  Per usual, our bags still need to be unpacked and toys are strewn about, but I’ll get to them.  I’ve got more important things to do like launch a website :)   And by the way everyone, thanks again for your support on spreading the word, commenting, Facebooking and the general pimping.  The feedback has been incredible so far!  Thank you!

Aside from my reluctance to abandon our routine, last week ended up being a nice change of pace.  I hated being so immobilized without a car and having opposite schedules than all of my friends who are on spring break THIS week.  But it was nice to sit and work without any major interruptions, or having to dig food out of anyone’s nose, or scolding someone for climbing atop tables.  Jeff gets really unruly these days. haha. just kidding.  Jack is a handful, but he is also the sweetest, lovey boy.  Except when he breaks things.  Ooops!
Easter, itself, was such a beautiful and hectic day.  As usual, we were running late to church and arrived to a parking lot that was so packed, traffic had to be directed to control the chaos.  The actual church was standing room only.  We stood shoulder-to-shoulder for a good portion of the mass, that is, until Jack decided to let everyone know—quite loudly—that he was hot, hungry and over it.

The rest of the day was spent Easter Egg hunting and chasing uncles and making grandparents laugh.  With us being so far away, I cherish the holidays because we all actually sit down to eat and talk and laugh.  I hope to continue fostering those special family traditions to balance out the crazy dysfunction.  We even took the time to enjoy “family” programming—Stepbrothers.  Because nothing says “family” more than laughing at a pair of manchilds when the storyline hits so close to home :)   There’s nothing like a full house, filled with laughter and delicious food.

Like most trips, the main caveat to all the family fun is always the havoc wreaked to our non-existent sleeping patterns.  Let’s see, of the entire week last week, Jack slept through the night only one night.  Every other night, if he wasn’t crying himself to sleep (my family is convinced he does this every night. I promise, it’s NOTHING like this here at home.) he was waking up boycotting sleep all together.  Awesome.

Last night was no exception.  Since we got home at about 1am, we had to wake Jack up to bring him inside.  Guess who was a bit upset by this?  You guessed it!  And since he was a screaming like a banshee, and Jeff needed to go to bed after a weekend full of driving, Jack and I retreated to our big blue chair.  It’s comfy, but not THAT comfy!  The sleeplessness never ends.

Oh and how about this picture?  After the crazy day at church, this is what I said to my family before they took Jack out in his white shirt to roll around in the mud and give him pots of water to play with,  “All I want is ONE decent picture in his Easter Sunday outfit.  Just one.”

THIS is what I get.

And it rocks because it’s so Jack.

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Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

For a few days now, many of my overachieving friends on Facebook and the like have been posting (and pondering) about decorating their Christmas trees. Now, normally, I’d be over the moon about decorating early, but this year, I can barely even wrap my brain around brining or not brining our turkey!

Christmas tree 2006

I’m all about focusing on Thanksgiving before  strategizing the whole Christmas decorating extravaganza. This year will be quite tricky with decorating, considering the amount of toys that occupy our already crowded space. However, once we put away all the turkey leftovers, I’ll be on to the next task at hand. By Friday evening, I imagine we’ll be playing Tetris with our furniture and kid paraphernalia to make room for the lovely greenery.

In years past, I’ve been very Monica from Friends about the tree. For no good reason, I’m pretty particular about the tree and decorations. It’s not over the top or anything, I just like the decorations a certain way!  We insist on getting a real tree, even with all the needles and upkeep.  And when I say WE, I mean me. Poor Jeff is the one that lugs the tree up and down our steep steps, all in the name of Christmas decor!
In terms of theme, I try to color coordinate jewel tones and keep it modern. I have lots of disco balls and similar sparkly ornaments. We have a smaller optical lighted tree that I’ve reserved as the “kid” tree, since I’m so anal about the big tree. I hope Jack will get a kick out of having his own place for all the kiddie ornaments (read: unbreakable) and school crafted goodies in the future! I’ve gotten most of our Christmas decorations from those Target after-Christmas clearance sales, so we’ve got enough lights and decorations to make even Clark Griswold wince. In the past, we reserved the decorations only for our main living space. But since I have a little more time on my hands (not really,) I’m going to try to decorate the entire place.
And yes, we live in a 1br apartment. We City folk have to be resourceful when it comes to space.
We don’t have any major traditions as far as decorating goes. But once we transition to a bigger home out in the ‘burbs one day, I hope we can start more traditions of our own.

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Crystal figurines and Food Savers

It’s that exciting week before Thanksgiving where scores of people have a 3-day work week!  Yippee!  Happy Monday!

I’m back in the saddle today and hoping to jump back on the Momdot blog party after falling off the posting wagon for a bit last week.  I just didn’t feel in the “party” mood, but I’m feeling re-energized with this new week.

Appropriately, since this is one of the biggest shopping weeks, today’s questions are, What is the most unusual gift you’ve received?  What was one of your favorite gifts?  Is regifting ok?

I can’t say I’ve ever really received a crappy gift per se, but I have received a few unusual ones.  Like for instance, a few years after we got married, I kept asking Jeff for a Food Saver–you know, the plastic packaging contraption for freezing and saving food?  I asked and asked, thinking we’d go to Target and pick it up one day.  Well, I got what I asked for:  my husband, the practical gift-giver, lovingly bought one for me for Christmas.

Apparently, there’s this unwritten rulebook where husbands give sparkly, fun gifts to wives and wives give fabulous top of the line electronics/sports-themed/insert-his obsession-here-sort of gifts.

Husband does not subscribe to said rulebook, so I get exactly what I desired, a Food Saver.

Because nothing says I love you like neatly packaged frozen leftovers.

I’m such a brat, I know, but I wanted baubles and sparkly stuff, like the olden days.  Let’s put my spoiled brattyness aside for a moment here.  For what it’s worth, Jeff IS a very thoughtful gift-giver and makes it a point to pay attention to details.  It just so happened that that year, the lines of practicality and thoughtfulness were blurred–never a bad thing unless you marry a buzzkill.

I pouted, and I’m pretty sure we exchanged it for something totally frivolous.

Every time we see a Food Saver, I get hell–and I totally deserve it.

Regifting.  In one way or another, I feel like we all do it.  It is recycling and a green-way of thinking, isn’t it?  :) In my opinion, I think it’s perfectly fine, as long as it’s done subtly and does not hurt anyone’s feelings.  Our friends had the best idea last year, though.  They held an after-holiday regifting party.  Best idea ever!  I have never laughed so much over crystal figurines and tacky sunglasses.  We played hide the tacky crystal figurine amongst ourselves and I unknowingly ended up with it.  We swore that we’d gift it BACK to one of them.  Friends, let this be your warning:  I’ve been waiting all year for this.

As for one of the best gifts ever, fast forward to last year, I received exactly what I never expected: a simple, understated sapphire ring (the kid’s birthstone) in honor of my first Christmas as a mama.

THE best gift, however, was not the ring, but the gift-givers–Jacky baby and Jeff.

Best gifts ever

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