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Boogie Wipes Giveaway Winner

I’m happy to announce that #31, Lisa V. is the lucky winner for the Boogie Wipes gift basket giveaway!  Lisa, you should be getting an email from me momentarily.  A special thanks to Boogie Wipes for the fantastic basket and to everyone that entered.  For those that didn’t win, don’t forget to use the coupon code Boogie Time for online orders.

BTW, I had the chance to “test-drive” the new magic menthol Boogie Wipes while nursing my cold this week, and I’m seriously never looking back. From now on, any time I have a cold or stuffy nose, menthol Boogie Wipes is the ONLY way to go.

Stay tuned for even more giveaways and a big announcement about my soon-to-be launched website.  The giveaways for the new site are pretty big with names that we all know and love, including Giggle, BornFree and many more!

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Bear cakes, Bakugan and blowing noses

Happy Birthday Jesus

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Happy Monday, all. Hope everyone enjoyed a relaxing weekend. The three of us had a nice weekend. We had a chance to see many of our friends at the annual regifting party. We unloaded some tacky gifts and came home with a Bakugan Battle Arena and a really awesome Weird NY book. The obscure gift balanced out the pretty cool book! Though cold, it was fun to have some adult interaction conversation and booze. It definitely helped that we only had to trek a block away.
When we weren’t busy regifting, the three of us were taking turns blowing our noses and chugging cold medicine. Well, Jeff was doing the chugging. I was more like, wincing and threatening to barf. (I used to take shots like it was my job, but I hate liquid medicine!) YUCK. On a good note, the Theraflu Daytime Warming Relief works like a charm.  Mama definitely likey.

I’ve got a long to do list this week. So, I’m hoping this cold has a short stay. It’ll be tough chasing after 2 runny noses and still tackle this list! (More on runny noses later, including a giveaway.)

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