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Water sprinkler love

Not too long ago, a family member asked me, “So, how’s it going with the whole space thing?”

As in, are we tripping over each other and pulling our hair out because we have no room to move.

Well, yeah, sometimes, but whatever.  We’re living within our means, remember?

So, per usual, I shrugged my shoulders and this time answered, “Going ok.  How bad can things get when on the weekdays it’s basically just the boy and me and on the weekends, we’re never home.”


And I love it.

Jeff, however, could do without all the errand-running, festivals and City trips.  He’s such a trooper, though.

With another “free” weekend on our hands, we took advantage of the sunshine and caught up on the family time with, what else?

Summer activities.  Ok, city summer activities, but fun nonetheless.

The weekend went a little like this: brunch at one of our favorite spots overlooking the Hudson, quality time at the playground, a little summer shopping, more park fun…but it wouldn’t be a fun summer weekend without a street festival!

OLG Funfest
street meatbeer!zeppoles

Street meat, games, inflatable slides, and because we live in Sinatra’s hometown, yes, there was plenty of Sinatra, too.  Everything was going well—until Jack set his eyes on the sprinklers.

While in line for the pony ride, it was like a record scratching and then, everything went silent.


He spotted it.


I tried to ration with our 1.5 year old (that was a joke) that we weren’t prepared for him to run in the sprinklers today.  No towel, no swim trunks, nada.

Oh good God.  Can you say meltdown?  Uncontrollable, hysterical tears—as if I told him there was no more party in the tummy for Yo Gabba Gabba.

So, we stripped him down and let him frolic in the sprinklers alongside of all the other kids.  It wasn’t so bad running through the sprinkler with kids two times his size (in his brand new shorts, no less!) I’m learning to pick my battles, here.

Sprinkler love
After he was done, I must say though, we looked pretty klassy strolling him around in dripping hair, soaking wet shorts and no shirt.

Oh, those kids and their sprinklers and water toys. Especially these urban kids. In retro movies, you see always see a neighborhood turn into complete pandemonium when the fire hydrant gets turned on.  In modern day, most city areas have water features and sprinklers to assuage the city kids in the summertime.  I wish I could replicate the roaring laughter that goes on around these sprinklers.  Oh, the awesomeness.

Jeff and I had the beach and our swimming pools growing up, our city kid has water sprinklers.  I have a feeling there will be a plethora of trips to city parks to frolic all summer long.

Eh, there could be worse things in life than discovering the uncontainable excitement that a water sprinkler brings a kid at summertime.

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Spring fun: Central Park Zoo

In line with getting out more often now that it’s Spring, Jack and I headed to the Central Park Zoo to meet up with one of my high school friends and her daughter who were in town visiting family.  I’m almost embarrassed to admit that the Central Park Zoo is another one of those NYC places that I’ve always wanted to visit, and have even passed THROUGH, but have never really stopped to enjoy.

Penguins at the zooPenguinstuck in an eggshellpetting the goats

At Heather’s suggestion, we made plans to meet up for lunch and enjoy an afternoon of visiting the City-fied animals.
It’s a cute zoo, and hard to fathom that this venue is nestled on the east side of Central Park in NYC.  Central Park, in general, is a great escape and oasis from the concrete jungle.  So, to listen to a symphony of animals with both a tree and skyline backdrop is almost surreal.   meeting friends

Because it was only in the 40s yesterday, the park wasn’t too packed.  It was still crowded with tourists and cavalcades of moms and nannies with strollers, but it was still manageable.  I’m imagining the zoo to be total lunacy on weekends and in warmer weather.  So, I’m glad we went on a sunny, brisk weekday.  We got to see all the animals without fighting the touristy crowds.  Per usual, Jack wanted to run around and make friends with all the animals; however, his idea of running around involves sprinting in the opposite direction.  He “made friends” with a peacock, some bunnies, goats and an alapaca.  His favorite animal though, was, of course, the pigeon–as in the “flying rats” that linger in every city park.  um yea.  There was a cow, but Jack wanted nothing to do with it because he was so busy chasing the pigeons.  The kid’s petting zoo, which is an extension of the maPolar bear scratching his backin zoo, was a perfect way for my toddler to toddle and explore the animals first hand.  From the egg shell to the spider web to the bunny faces, Jack enjoyed checking out the interactive features that were meant to be handled and climbed for visitors his height.
I loved seeing the seals, penguins, puffins and polar bears.  One of the polar bears was busy trying to scratch his back on a rock, it was too cute!  I don’t think I’ve ever seen polar bears at any of the zoos I’ve visited in my travels, so to see them at the Central Park Zoo was pretty cool.  The Central Park Zoo was a refreshing kiddie outing and a great way to entertain an out of town friend I haven’t seen in years!
Be warned, however, the ticket office only takes cash.  So, for those of you who don’t carry cash like myself, be prepared!  Kids under 3 are free, and at $10 adult tickets are pretty reasonable.  The little cafe within the zoo was crowded and somewhat unorganized, but not bad for a quick bite to eat.  No strollers are allowed inside the cafe, so be prepared to leave you stroller out front.

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In all of our travels in and out of the City, Jeff and I often passed this gated church draped with a spectrum of ribbons.  We never knew what they symbolized, but assumed it had something to do with their congregation.  Last week, when I was in the city, the amount of ribbons caught my eye again.  I loved how it looked alongside of the golden string of trees.

When I got home, I googled the church to find out what the ribbons really meant, and couldn’t have been more touched.  The Marble Collegiate Church stands at 29th St. and Fifth Ave. in NYC–a route I often walked to Penn Station.  The ribbons, it turns out, symbolize the lives lost in the Iraq war.  As mind-numbing as it is to grasp the thousands of lives lost, the beauty of the ribbons and the significance of the remembrance behind it, is all so heartwarming.

On this Veteran’s Day, I thought I’d share this image to celebrate and honor the many military veterans.

Marble Collegiate Church

On Sunday, March 19, 2006, the third anniversary of the start of war in Iraq, the congregation and friends of Marble Church hung thousands of ribbons on the iron fence that surrounds the church as a physical representation of prayers and a plea for peace.

Gold ribbons, displaying names, ranks, and ages of the thousands of American service people who have lost their lives, represent prayers for the surviving families and friends. Each Sunday morning during worship, the names of service people who have died in the war in Iraq are read aloud. At the conclusion of the service, their names are attached to ribbons and affixed to the fence with the others.

Blue ribbons represent prayers for the families and friends of the tens of thousands of Iraqis who have lost their lives, and for all who have been wounded. The toll of human pain and suffering is impossible to measure.

Green ribbons represent prayers for peace in the Middle East.

Since the installation on March 19, thousands of people walking past Fifth Avenue and 29th Street have been impacted by this image and have stopped to read posted information about the ribbons and review the names that are attached.

Marble Church congregants and friends continue to pray daily for the wounded and the day that war is no longer an option.

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