Ah…16 months. A year and a half is creeping up on us so quickly. And since there’s been so many developments lately, I thought I’d do an update, since the monthly updates have been scarce altogether. No more baby!

The little boy is quite convinced he’s a big boy these days. As funny as it is, Jeff likes to tell everyone that he has my attitude.
Pffffft! What attitude!?
But really, he does.  Oh, I’m in for it…

At 16 months, size-wise, Jack has stayed the same.  He’s hoovering in the upper 20s range–I’m guesstimating 27 or 28 lbs.  He’s in size 4 diapers, but can easily wear size 5s.  (We ran out of diapers in Va. and used 5s and were just fine.)  He’s gotten a bit taller, but as far as inches, I’m not sure where he’s at;  all I know is, it’s getting harder and harder to lug him up and down our steps!  Since the steps up to our apartment are so steep, I have to carry him.  The stoop steps aren’t nearly as steep, so he’s become a pro at climbing up and down and up and down and up and down.  Have I mentioned he likes repition?

Eating is such a fun time nowadays.  I cook a lot now that I’m here, so I’ve been able to make all kinds of stews, soups, pastas–you name it!  And just like his Dad, he seems to have indiscriminate taste buds.  He eats just about everything we eat, besides nuts and shellfish.  When we’re eating something he doesn’t have, he’ll open wide, stick his toungue out and say, “Ahhhhhhh.”  Not sure where he got that one.  Bananas, pasta, rice, grapes, cheese, Ritz crackers and ricecakes are his favorite foods at the moment.  He’s still a texture freak, so if he doesn’t remember the texture of something or if it’s cooked differently, he’ll scrape it off of his tongue.  I do give him credit though—even though he freaks out about texture, he’ll copy us and try eating it again.  Most times, he realizes that he’s not picky and devours whatever it is.
Spoons!In addition to eating everything all the time, Jack is very persistent in feeding himself.  Even if the spoon is upside down and food is falling on to the floor, he screams if I dare try to help him.  (Mr. Independent–sound familiar?)  He adores his spoons and carries them everywhere.  After we’re done eating, I wash his spoon and he’ll sign for more, meaning he needs his spoon back.  For the past few weeks, he even goes to bed with his damn spoon.  Needless to say, when it is time to eat, I usually have to fish a spoon out of his toybox.

He’s very playful and sociable, even if we’re both starting to exhibit cabin fever.  Since we’ve both been sick and it’s been way too cold, we’ve rarely gone outside this week and last.  But on a good note, Jack is such a great independent player, he can easily entertain himself with his books, mountains of toys and the many things he’s NOT supposed to be getting into.  I often find him sitting IN a big laundry basket of toys, which is now a makeshift storage unit.  He loved the laundry basket so much, even if I tried to keep it, he would find it, dump out the clothes and take it back.  So, I gave him his own and now he uses it as a toybox, ship, chair, stool and a house.  Even though he can play well by himself, he’s extremely interested in other kids, especially big kids.  Whenever I read one of my magazines and flip to a page with a baby or kid, he screams and says, “Bay Bay Bay”  (Translation– baby)
He loves flipping his toys over and tries to inspect them in a very engineer sort of way.  He still loves to read, but sometimes he gets TOO excited that he rips the pages out or pop up elements of the pop up books.  That “Mr. Roboto” book?  Yeah, almost all of the pop up parts are no more.  He’s added many more sound effects to his reading.  So just to clarify, if you hear him say “UHHHHHHHHHHH” while he has a book open, he’s reading and not going #2.
Dancing and singing has also become a more prevalent part of our day.  He has this John Deere music box thing that plays Old McDonald with various farm animals; now that he knows how to push the buttons himself, he’s able to dance endlessly to the tunes of pig snorts.  Fun.  Jack’s Big Music Show is still his favorite.  Since they show repeats all the time, and he’s seen almost every single one, he knows what’s going to happen and can anticipate the dance, song or whatever the character is doing.  Again, lots and lots of dancing.  Yo Gabba Gabba! has recently been added to the repertoire.  Though Jeff is creeped out by the characters and is convinced it attributes to behavioral issues, Jack and I watch it every now and then.  He loves watching the kids dance and quite honestly, I dig the different celebrities that make cameos.  It’s a quirky show that has grown on me.

Because it’s just Jack and me all day, every day–sometimes the majority of the week during the work week–inevitably, Jack is such a mama’s boy.  He loves to cuddle and snuggle on the big chair while I write and type.  He can climb up and down and back up and then down again.  When I’ve ignored him for too long, he’ll come up and shut the laptop and plop a book or toy on my lap.  As cute as it is to have a mama’s boy, sometimes the clingyness makes it hard to cook or wash dishes or lug laundry to the laundromat.

And finally, Jack’s becoming so verbal now, it’s exciting.  He still jibber jabbers while we talk, as if he’s injecting his own thoughts into our conversation.  But now, he’s annunciating various words besides mama, dadda and no.  Up, Elmo, Gabba, baby, bath and car are some favorite words that come to mind (or at least a variation of them).  He signs with fluidity, but sometimes mixes up the signs, too.  Naptime and lunch or dinner are so much easier when he reminds me with a sign that uh, I’m slacking in the mommy department.

Though we have our extremely excruciating days where I want to cry along with him, it’s the times when he comes up to hug me and kiss my face that serve as a reminder that outside of all that’s crumbling around us, things aren’t so bad afterall.