It was a monumental day today, one that I shared with Jack and watched proudly, just like millions of other Americans.  It was an emotional inauguration for me, just like it was for many others, but most certainly, it was amazing to witness the culmination of a new era.

Jack and I stopped what we normally do–me, type, write and read; him, run around and destroy things– and stood still with everyone else to watch and applaud.  I’m not ashamed to admit this, but I’ve probably watched 10 hours of coverage (so far) because I simply could not look away.

Over the weekend, Jeff had a great conversation with our friend regarding the excitement about today’s Inaugural events.  Jeff said something to the nature of, “The Inauguration of our first minority president is huge.”  And from that one statement, he reminded us that Barack Obama represents much more than race.  Again, in Jeff’s words, Obama represents the scope of the American people.  Not only am I so proud to be an American today, but like many of you, I am full of hope.

In the late Tim Russert’s words, “What a country.”

Inauguration day