It’s just about 11pm, and from the sound of it, the helicopters overhead are done for the night.  What a crazy afternoon it’s been.  No need to rehash, as I’m sure by now, everyone has heard about the US Airways plane that crashed in the Hudson River, just a few miles east of us.  Coincidentally, a few of the crash survivors were treated at the hospital where Jack was born.

Before I even started to hear the helicopters this afternoon, I read about the news almost immediately after it happened via Twitter.  As I learned today, or rather, as I’m continuing to learn, it just goes to show you how the delivery of news is definitely changing with the prominence of social media.  On Twitter, with the connection to so many different people—from other moms to other journalists to PR and marketing professionals to college students, you name it—the information that’s shared among others is incredible, to say the least.  I have to admit, the journalist in me felt the intensity and desire to know more.    My adrenaline was pumping, and believe me, if it wasn’t 17 degrees out and Jack wasn’t sick, I probably would’ve walked the few blocks to witness this miracle myself.

Yep, a miracle it was.  Bloomberg and the NJ and NY governors are heralding the pilot’s quick thinking and the sucessful outcome.  As someone who’s covered the maritime industry for years, I have to applaud the expedient efforts of the rescue personnel, from the Coast Guard to FDNY to NYPD to the Circle Line Ferry and NY Waterways crews, today’s plane crash was certainly a “miracle on the Hudson.”