The past 24 hours have gone from bad to worse, at least in terms of the kid’s health.  It’s amazing to me how, in just a few hours, a lingering cough could morph into a full-on stomach bug, complete Pedialyte and uh, lots of carpet cleaner.  Spoiler alert:  last night wasn’t pretty to say the least.

In all those mommy how-to books, they don’t discuss the “real” issues like what to do when your kid projectile vomits all over the place.  It’s pretty common sense, yes, but after the fallout, I was a bit perplexed on what to do next, since in the past, particularly before I became a mom, I wasn’t really sober when things got that messy.  (In more recent times, I was often the one cleaning up friends and holding back ponytails.) When the motherly instinct kicked in, I put a sickened Jack in the tub, “just in case” and to contain any aftershocks.  The kid in tub tactic ended up working out and surprisingly, my own gag reflex didn’t go into overdrive.

And they say nothing good ever happens after 1am.  Bad things DO happen, but you learn from them. At least I always did…hahaha.

Back to the kid…right before it was time to go make dinner, we went from mommy and Jack watching Yo Gabba Gabba together on the chair to complete chaos.  After scrubbing us both off, the kid and I got dressed.  A few minutes later, we cabbed it to the pediatrician after Jeff confirmed with the dr’s office that we needed to bring him in.  (There’s a nasty bug lingering around town with lots of babies getting super sick.)  We sat in a sick-kid filled waiting room as Jack insisted on roaming around the halls.  An hour and a half later, the doc tells us that yes, his temp was teetering at 102.7 and had all the symptomatic signs of a viral infection.

No antibiotics are necessary, thank goodness; but the doctor recommended Tylenol as needed and plenty of fluids.  We went with the Pedialyte popcicles and Gatorade.  As he climbs in and out of his laundry basket of toys, laughing and giggling, it’s so hard to tell he’s sick.  The biggest giveaway is the total meltdown when he’s tired or super uncomfortable.  Since the weather is supposed to dip to unreal temperatures this week,  I plan to isolate ourselves so that Jack gets better and is well in time for Auntie Kris’ visit this weekend.

Forced isolation in these temps won’t be so hard, I’m sure.  Ask me again in a few days :)