It’s been a busy, but relaxing visit here at home in Va. Beach.  For the first few nights, I had a hard time (as usual) falling asleep because of the lack of city noise.  Strange, but true.
I’m starting to miss our normal routine, but I sure am enjoying the extra babysitting help.  Catching up on sleep is bliss.

I know I’m way behind on posts, but I hope everyone had a lovely holiday!  We sure did; ours was filled with lots of family fun, but catered to Jack’s schedule.  Instead of midnight mass on Christmas Eve, we enjoyed the usual family time and big dinner at my parent’s house.  We opened presents before Jack went to bed on Christmas Eve, simply out of excitement.  Last year, Jack was “boring” with all that baby business–the eating and sleeping stuff.  So my parents and brothers were sooo excited about his non-stop busy bodiness.  As predicted, Jack was spoiled rotten and showered with too many toys, but of course, he loved the wrapping paper and boxes the most!  Go figure! 

Christmas day was spent playing with toys and heading off to church.  We enjoyed relaxing together all day and watching Jack destroy everything in sight.

Last Friday, we hJack and his multiple Elmosad round 2 of Christmas with Jeff’s family.  It was a nice, laid back day with even more family fun.  All the older kids seemed to have a good time playing together and timesharing carrying their little cousin.  It’s always fun to watch all of them interact with one another!  The day was capped off by watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.  And funny enough, Jeff and his brother (who recite every line, along with my nephew) received awesome moose mugs from their mom.  Too funny.

From multiple talking Elmos to awesome moose mugs, Christmas, as usual, was plentiful in the present department.  But my favorite Christmas memories this year are marked by the kids’ tiny footsteps, belly laughs and copycat antics.  Good times!
Family photo '08