Brrrr…it’s so cold here that I actually slept with my sweatshirt AND hood on last night. Besides the cold temps, our weekend was pretty much a bust. So, while everyone was out doing holiday-related stuff, we were not. In fact, our house won the bad luck lottery and seem to have what’s been lingering in the area for awhile–the dreaded stomach bug. We’d been hearing that it was going around town and seemed to escape it, but alas, we were not so lucky after all. Jeff said he felt hungover all weekend while I felt like I had morning sickness x10. (And I assure you, it is NOT morning sickness.)
I detoxed from the computer, got absolutely nothing done, but it was nice to nap all weekend. While Jack wasn’t full-on sick, his tummy has definitely been bothering him for quite sometime, not to mention, his first molars are coming in. blah…

On the upside, not only have I napped gratuitously lately, as of a week now, my child is no longer waking up at 2 and 3 a.m. just for the hell of it! I don’t want to jinx it because this teething crap can squash my sleeping through the night joy in a hot second, but let me celebrate this singular, Herculean big boy victory.


With all that sleep, we even found time to make up a secret handshake. Not really. We started pounding our fists and Jack found it hysterical for some reason. And please, don’t ask me WHY we were fist pumping in the first place. There are just some things words cannot explain.

Good times.