CNN is reporting that more than 41 million people will be traveling today to reach their destination for Thanksgiving. If you’re one of them, be safe! For the past 8 years, on the eve of any other holiday, we’d have many bags packed and filled with anxiety about another trek home.  But this year, we’re staying here in NJ.  It’s bittersweet to say the least.
jack's luggage
You see, we love going home, especially at Thanksgiving.  What’s so hard however, is the mounting expense of traveling, the exhaustion (especially for Jeff) for the almost 400 miles each way and of course the sadness of leaving again when it’s time to travel back.

We’ll always associate Thanksgiving with gathering with our loved ones, but this year, because staying local made most sense for our family, I can’t wait to make this holiday our own for the first time.  Since Jeff suggested that we stay local this year, I negotiated that we do a NYC tradition that I’ve always wanted to do.  So, this afternoon, we have plans to go to the Macy’s Day Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade inflation extravaganza on the Upper West Side.

I’m getting in the “zone” to bake and hopefully not destroy our feast.  But most importantly, I know I can speak for Jeff and say, we’re excited to not to have to drive those long hours down to Va.  While I cook our feast tomorrow, surely, my heart will be heavy, but the day will go on.  But after all is said and done, we’ll have another holiday to look forward to, and a new trip to plan for–an almost 2 week excursion back home for Christmas.  Lesson learned:  with family sacrifice, in the future other provisions can be made.

Hopefully many of you are enjoying short work days today.  Where ever you might be, enjoy your long weekend and time with family! I’ll be back tonight with photos of our parade fun :)   And for our extended family back home in Va., we’ll miss you guys but thanks to technology, hopefully we can video chat tomorrow! woot!