Do you volunteer during the Holidays?

Unfortunately, I have not volunteered during the holidays–yet.  In years past, we’ve been so consumed with work, family and traveling, our schedules haven’t allowed for much else.  I know–typical excuse.  But as many people know, when life only allowed one hour to spend with your family on the weeknights, you try as much as possible to cram everything you can into those 48 hours of freedom.  Jeff and I have always wanted to volunteer through our church, and possibly do something with the local hospital or homeless shelter.  Now that my schedule is different,  now is the time!

As for teaching Jack the true meaning of the holidays?  My man is a little mocking bird, so we’re doing our best to maintain the weekly routine of going to church together on Sunday mornings.  Jack has his little buddies at church and our priest even “knows” our kid.  As of right now, every time the Radio City Christmas Spectacular commercial comes on, the kid stops in his tracks.  The Rockettes and dancing Santas are very much a cool part of Christmas, but not the only part.

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