Motrin set Twitter ablaze this weekend.  Quite literally, Motrin may need a taste of their own medicine after their latest marketing campaign.  (As of 10pm on Sunday, Motrin’s webpage was down)  Their ad, which was meant to target the mom demographic, ruffled a lot of feathers with their assumption that babywearing is a “pain.”  The ad annotates the dialog and spews absurd statements that babies are “fashionable” and by wearing your baby “you’re officially a mom.”  (because 27 hours of labor wasn’t enough to initiate me into motherhood.)

If this was their way of  “understanding” moms’ “pain,” apparently they don’t understand at all.  I have a laundry list of what’s painful as a mom, and carrying my kid in a carrier was not one of them.  What was probably intended to strike a chord with the mom demographic, ended up being condescending and insulting, and has become quite the headache.

In fact, many moms, babywearers or not, had a lot to say about Motrin missing the mark.  Moms blogged, twittered and even prepared a viral video to voice their opinions about Motrin’s ‘painful’ ad campaign—such is the power of social media.
Since public transportation, and traveling in general, can be so unforgiving to stroller-schlepping, I wore my kid out of necessity, just like many other moms.  I’m anxious to see the outcome of this poorly executed ad, and whether or not Motrin will pull it.  Besides the fact that we have enough Tylenol to last us until 2012 (thanks, Costco), I have no interest in buying their products any time soon.  I’m pretty sure I’m not alone.

*Update*  As I was finishing this post, Motrin heard the news and communicated with Katja, over at Ladybug Landings.  According to Katja, Motrin is starting the damage control.  Again, such is the power of social media.

I’ve got plenty of Tylenol, if anyone needs any.