For regular readers, I’m sure you’ve noticed lots of transitions since I’ve started writing fulltime.  Well, I’m excited to announce that I’ll be participating in even more events.  Last night, I attended a fantastic Mompreneur seminar in NYC hosted by Big City Moms, which I’ll post about it later today.  This afternoon, I”ll be listening in on a webcast called No More Bedtime Blues. Considering Jack, who’s quickly approaching 14 months, slept like a newborn last night, waking every other hour (!!), this webcast couldn’t come at a better time.  If you’re around and interested, I highly recommend you tune in today at 2.  Sponsored by Sprout, the webcast is featuring  Jennifer Waldburger, LCSW, a pediatric sleep specialist, family therapist and co-author of The Sleepeasy Solution.  But more importantly, I’m participating once again in a Blog Party; this one is hosted by MoMDot.

This Blog Party is holiday themed, so it’ll be a great way to reminisce about Jack’s first Christmas, as well as welcome new readers.  There are a series of questions/statements, with the first one being:  Introduce us to your family and share Holiday pics of years past.

Easy enough, right?

This is my family.
us with Santa

I like to drag my boys, Jeff and Jack, around NYC and the surrounding vicinity. This was with Santa at Santaland at the big Macy*s in Herald Square–y’know, the big Macy*s, as in the huge parade.  The kid looks “over it” because he was…In fact, he hated Santa last year.  Let’s hope this year is different :)

We’re originally from Va., so we spend a lot of time trekking up and down the east coast to be with our famiy. Like for everyone else, the holidays are so much fun, but oh so exhausting.
familyJacky slept through the presentsProud LoloSanta was very generous!

But in the end, it’s worth all the chaos.  It’s all about the family.

That’s why caffeine and booze were created, right?