Get your mind out of the gutter!  I’m talking about the Routan Babymaker3000.  It sounds silly because it is!

I’m sure everyone has seen Volkswagen’s latest ad campaign promoting the Routan, their most recent foray into the minivan sector.  (Nothing will ever compare to the VW bus!)   Well, in case you haven’t, Brooke Shields is the spokesperson who  “accuses” women in the ads for procreating just so they have an excuse to buy the Routan.  “So, please don’t put a baby in your belly just to put a Routan in your driveway.”  Shields’ dry humor and the whole sardonic tone makes these ads so wry– I love it!

As I was doing some research earlier today, I stumbled upon the aforementioned Routan Babymaker 3000.  It’s hysterical!  It reminds me so much of My Heritage, the face recognition software. Remember?  I was separated from birth from the late Barry White.

Anywho, I couldn’t resist.  I HAD to see if our babymaker would look anything like Baby Destructor himself.  Guess what, people?  Technology is crazy. Meet Routanomo.  Yeah, I named him.


I used these photos:

While Routanomo doesn’t look exactly like Jack, he has some distinct similarities; it’s kind of eerie.
This was so totally pointless, but so amusing.

Can you tell I’m vying for some adult interaction? Thank goodness for lunch with my girlfriends tomorrow.