While a new era begins, we’re back to reality, folks. And I’m not just talking the state of the Union, I’m talking about here at home too. Just when things were going so well…

On his way home, actually, as he was out trying to find me a NY Times on his way home, our car broke…something about a ball joint. Inevitably, I’m sure it’s from ALL THE MILES of us driving to and from VA and every where in between over the years. Not sure what’s next, but I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

On the bright side (there’s always a bright side), the whole wheel falling off ordeal happened just down the block and NOT on the major highway–a very busy artery to NYC. Had it happened while Jeff was driving full speed…we’ll we won’t even speculate. I’m very thankful that he’s here and in one piece.

And you know, we were just commenting how we’ve been the dutiful church-goers for the past few months (at 9 a.m., no less.) Coincidence? Nope, I think not.