Election Day= family eventThe boys and I started this monumental day like most other Americans, we made our ways to the polls to submit our vote.  It’s been an exciting day to watch history unravel, and of course, be a part of it.  All day, I kept telling Jack how he’s “witnessing” history.  His response was always, “YABBA MAMMA MOO.”  Either way, history will be made, and I can’t wait to see the outcome. (I’m writing this before the President-elect is announced)

In our home, we’re passionate about many things, but most of those things we don’t always agree upon.  Ahnold and Maria we’re not, but somehow, we make it work.  Red and Blue all the wayIt’ll be an interesting road once Jack is older and can understand topics like this.  As parents, I hope we can eschew our contrasting viewpoints and provide a foundation for him to make his own decisions, much like my parents did for my brothers and me.  Regardless of our opposing political views, like everyone else, with this new president, it’s imperative the parties work together to make sense of the mess THEY made.

Ok, I’ll step off of my soapbox now and tell you about ICE CREAM!

We got our free ice creamJack knew something was up today, so he refused to take his afternoon nap.  After 3 hours of fighting with him over it, I threw my arms up and packed him up to march down the street to get our FREE ice cream.  Democracy IS sweet, ya’ll.  We practically sprinted the 10 blocks to our local Ben and Jerry’s to take part in the freebie.  We practically pummeled other small children to make our way to 2nd in line–it was great.  Sadly, they didn’t have mama’s favorite and the very relevant, Americone Dream.  Instead, I had Whirled Peace, which, my friends, is exactly what the outcome of this day will hopefully bring.

One day…