Since today is Devil’s Night or the Day before Halloween, instead of participating in criminal behavior, I thought I’d share a few random, if not completely obscure finds.  A few days ago, Jeff was doing a search for my ‘handle’ in Flickr.  He found a pretty funny “art project,” as he calls it, of Jack.  It’s Jack’s crazy hair from our California trip set on a rainbow spectrum background.  It’s pretty ridiculous!


HAHAHAHA.  too funny!

My second very random item is a local celebrity in our neighborhood.  Nope it’s not Eli, but Jeff did actually see Mathias Kiwanuka last night at our bodega.  The celebrity I’m talking about is MUCH more uh, colorful.

Locally, he’s known as the 14th Street dancer and he does just as his moniker implies—he dances on the corner of 14th Street and Washington.  He’s there almost every day with his ipod or CD player in hand, just singing and dancing.  I had the pleasure of meeting him last weekend.  As I was leaving our house to go to Trader Joe’s, he just happened to be walking past.  As he passed, I asked him about his iPod, since he was music-less.  And from there, we struck up a conversation.  Jeff simply labels him as crazy, but after meeting him, I can confirm that he’s super nice and eclectic.  After he commented on my hot pink rainboots he told me I had an “aura” about me  (I’m pretty sure he was referring to my uncombed hair and overall disheveled look) but he did say I was going to have a great day.

And, you know what?  I did.

Can I just tell you how much I love the internet?  Haha!