The past couple of days, Jack and I have been interacting with the rest of society.  For the first few days at home, I think we both stayed in our pjs all day.  It felt nice, but it feels much nicer being outside in the crisp cool air.

Daytime in our neighborhood, just like everyone else’s I’m sure, is so different.  There’s a parade of strollers at the various parks, laughing school children fill the sidewalks and all the seniors occupy the park benches.  With shades of orange and brown as the backdrop, our walks to the park are filled with so many cool sights.

dirty knees

Since he’s been in the habit of snatching other kids’ balls in the park, I bought Jack a new ball today since we left his back in VA.  Just like the rough and tumble boy he’s become, he had a blast throwing the ball and chasing it into the dirt.  Once he’d follow the ball into the dirt, he would spot a squirrel (‘OOOH, look!  A squirrel!’)  And from there, we’d have a whole new game to occupy our time–in the dirt.

As fun as it is taking him to the park in the middle of the day, I still feel like I’m on maternity leave or taking a lot of sick days.  It’s definitely surreal to have the freedom to actually enjoy being home, and to not have that anxiety about missing work like I did before.  All the moms huddle together and lunch on the grass with their kiddies.  The nannies lunch in the park as their kids play in the swings.  Since I’m new to the whole stay at home mom thing, I don’t know a soul at the park.  While Jack has no problem meeting little dudes his height, it’s sort of intimidating for me.  It’s always a sigh of relief when someone else initiates a friendly conversation. And then with the blink of an eye, adult conversation abruptly ends as my kid chases a flock of pigeons toward crawling children.  It’s definitely a whole new ball game.

OOOH, look!  A squirrel!