Our living room looks like a toybox exploded, my (2nd) cup of coffee is now ice cold, but almost 2 hours later, Jack finally lost his battle for going down for a nap.  Getting a hang of this whole freelance/wahm (work at home mom) gig involves wrapping my head around the complexity of caring for the boy and attempting to meet his needs, as well as mine.  Even when he insists on waking up at 5am to crow like a rooster, Mama needs her coffee.

Nevertheless, I’m finding that more than ever, time management is key here.  I mean, duh.  Naptime and bedtime is like a race to get the work and research done.  I’m almost a week into this new transition, and I think I’m getting the hang of it.  Hey, 7 months after initiating it, I finally got my new site up and running.  That must account for something, right?

I’ve still got a long way to go in terms of getting my other ideas up and running, but I’ve made headway AND even have time to clean and go to the park.  That, in itself, is a small victory.  Now the laundry? haha.  Let’s not go there.