So. I haven’t written on Babyrific in over 2 years. There’s so many reasons for this: I’ve been busy, I’ve been procrastinating and well, I’ve been holding out.  I won’t go into detail about why, but let’s just say, I’ve always been perfectly fine with sharing my life online, that is until loved ones criticized my parenting.  But, to hell with them.

If you’re here again, or maybe for the first time, you might know that since originally starting this blog, we’ve moved to the suburbs, had another beautiful boy and have had quite a few health scares this year.  And that, my friends, is why Babyrific is officially being resuscitated.

Bear with me though, I have A LOT of housekeeping to do around here.  If the site loads slow, please be patient, I’ll fix it…eventually.  For now, this is my main sounding board for our latest adventures, but more specifically, for updating family and friends about the baby’s condition.