When I’m not blogging or busy running after Jack all day, I’ve been brainstorming ideas for articles to write and pitch.  One topic that’s of interest is, kids and healthier eating habits.  Food has always been a focal point in regards to my interests in parenting, particularly because I have the worst eating habits.  THE worst.

This year (like every other new year) Jeff and I have vowed to eat healthier.  And hey, if we lose weight in the process, score!  But ideally, we’re hoping to refine our eating habits so that they’ll influence Jack to make healthier choices on his own.

Now that Jack’s old enough to “pretend,” he’s been loving to play-cook.  Clearly, we don’t have the room for a play kitchen, but I had the grand idea to let him help me make pizza, or as he calls it, “Patzi.”  I know pizza isn’t the healthiest food, but a smaller portion with healthy sides is decent compromise.

And since we’ve been cooped up for the most part because of the cold and rain, “playing pizza” was a fun activity and fun way to prepare lunch.

Jack loved putting on an apron, though I should totally make him one in his own size.  One day…

We gathered all of our ingredients

Slathered on the pizza sauce.  The bottle of Contadina pizza sauce from Target is convenient and a new staple in our fridge.  Can’t beat it for $1.50!

We’ll have to do better on proportioning our toppings.

Someone, apparently, loves puppa-oni. Don’t worry, I fixed that!

And the final product!  It was delicious and fun, if I say so myself!  I’m adding this project to our rainy day activity list.


Anyone have any go-to food-related activities to do with toddlers and preschoolers?  We still have a few more COLD weeks of winter, so I need more ways to fill our afternoons.