We’re slowly but surely getting back into our routine after a few weeks of prepping for, then actually vacationing.  All I can say is, after all is said and done, getting back to reality sort of sucks.  The rigid sleep routine is no more; no beach weather to look forward to; no wedding to anticipate anymore.

Hawaii was nice, but I have to admit that it’s even nicer to get back to it being the three of us again.  So much of our vacation was revolved around the needs of others, not to mention, it was so challenging to juggle the tot who was having a hard time with teething AND the time change.  My vacation ended up not being so much of a vacation afterall…but that’s what I expected.


We were so busy doing family things, that by the end, other than swimming in the pool, we hardly ever did anything that Jack really would have enjoyed. It’s no wonder he was so cranky for the last half of the trip.

As much as I may have complained about how hard it was to wake up at 4am almost every day of vacation, the truth is, I loved hanging out with Jack and exploring Hawaii on our own.  Ok, so it might have been dark out, but we found ourselves watching cool bugs and smelling flowers, guided by the moonlight—just me and my guy. His curiosity and adventurous nature took us all over the place—through the dark, through the rain, until the sunrise meant it was time to meet our waking family.

So, when I look back at all the pictures I took, it’s hard not to get so nostalgic and remember that in just a few days(!!) Jack will be turning 2.  TWO!!  I’m so grateful that those early morning wakings gave us a chance to capture Hawaii and we’ll forever have a gazillion pictures that makes time stand still…even for just a moment.

More Hawaii recap and recent adventures to come!