One of the best parts of going back to school was always the shopping sprees, specifically, the ones where we’d get new shoes.

After getting my new Nikes, I’d admire my pretty pink Swoosh and that white suede that would eventually turn to gray from wearing them for 9 months-straight.

My mom always joked that my younger brother would sleep WITH his new shoes, as if they were teddy bears.  My other brother, he probably did the same.

I love the kids who were always convinced that their shoes would make them run faster or jump higher, in a very Michael Jordan-esque way.

I’m sure we all did something with our new shoes.

But new shoes, y’know, double as the most perfect tap shoes, too.

I have to say, I always did the exact same thing with my new dress shoes—usually the patent white Mary Janes.  But I usually had pants on.  And didn’t dance on top of my potty that doubles as a bench.  Or seek applause.

He might not be going to school just yet, but I have a feeling he’ll be quite the ham for our family trip to Hawaii. This, my friends, is more proof that this kid is an equal mix of Jeff and me.  AND that perhaps more noticeably, that we definitely have a future performer on our hands.

Maybe a Mistizo Billy Elliot?