After a bittersweet trip to Pennsylvania to attend Jeff’s late great uncle’s funeral today, we had to reshift our focus and do the 4.5 hour drive back to NJ.  All of three of us were exhausted, quite solemn and anxious—for different reasons.  After the funeral service, it was hard to just say, “Ok, let’s go!”

Inevitably, we left “on time,” in hopes of making my flight which was scheduled for 8:30.  As MY luck would have it, we hit torrential downpours and a few nice stretches of traffic.  Problem was, we didn’t really leave a window for the STUPID traffic.


All I could think was, I’ve been anticipating this trip for years/months/weeks/days and I’m going to miss it.

But because Jeff is awesome, he made it happen.  We arrived at the airport an hour and a half before my flight was scheduled to take off.


Of course, my flight was delayed.  (It still is, as I type this!) *wah. wah.*

Provided that there aren’t anymore delays, I should be landing in Chicago in 2.5 hours.  And after that, it’s on.

I’ll be in BlogHer mode with no hubs, no kid–for the first time EVAH!

Wish me luck because I’m already missing my boys like crazy.

*chanting to myself, this is good.  This trip will be awesome.  Every mama needs some alone time.*

On that note, it’s time to board!

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