This email greeted me in my inbox a few weeks ago, but life has been too crazy to blog about it until now. Things haven’t slowed down, but instead, I’m taking the time to get to get back to basics and make myself write my thoughts out—the whole reason why I started blogging in the first place.

My Toddler This Week

Hello, Jen!
Have an hour to kill? Ditch the stroller and let your toddler lead you on a walk around the block. You’ll be amazed at how many times your curious explorer will stop to check out small objects such as an interesting rock, a dead leaf, or a parade of ants. Your toddler isn’t trying to drive you crazy by dawdling. To him, the journey is as exciting as the destination, and the small details of the world are irresistible.

Still trying to juggle all of this, I caught myself forgetting my priorities, and sometimes losing my temper because I just couldn’t be “bothered.”

All I could think about this email was, how appropriate!

The kid’s journey and my journey?  It’s all the same.  The main difference, however, is that we’re just trying to grasp the unique details of our world on the way to our destination.


NKT, and the opportunities that are coming about because of it, has me constantly on the go. When some people ask what I “do” and then I tell them that I’ve transitioned to a blogger and freelance writer, I always get THE look: the facial expression that dispels my/our choice to leave my old job (that, btw, negatively affected every fiber of my being for years.) It’s also the look that says, “Oh, so, really, you’re just a stay at home mom that has a website.”

Sure, if that’s what you want to call it.

I kind of think of it as, I’m a mom, who together with her hubs, decided that taking a risk to follow my passion was invaluable. (with many, many sacrifices involved)  But also, I’m a mom that writes because it’s what I “do.”

Just like Jack dances and dances then runs and then explores?  It’s what he does.

But we do it, because it’s what’s right, it’s what makes us happy and it’s what makes sense.

As I get all caught up in the moment with this conference, travel plans, writing, blogging, networking, it’s easy to lose focus.  It’s easy to forget that I’m a mom with a kid who needs her FIRST.

As a reminder for myself: when he begs to explore and I resist because I’m worried about the repercussions, it’s not because he’s being irrational, but instead, it’s because the journey is as exciting as the destination.

smelling the flowers

We’ll get there—eventually.  But (literally) taking time to smell the flowers and pick up rocks?  It’s the most important part of the whole experience.