Dear Babyrific, so sorry for neglecting you, but life, as usual, has been crazy.  I know, I know, it’s no excuse.  But when we aren’t busy packing, driving to and from Va. and (ignoring) unpacking, I’ve been busy in the evenings with wedding invitations and plotting my trip to Chicago, oh yeah and mothering.  It’s not that I’ve forgotten you, but my to-do list is still on the backburner because y’know a demanding little person needs me to wipe their butt and nose, take them to the park and nap with them :)



July 4th weekend in Va. was nice.  For the most part, we visited with the grandparents, which is our main objective for driving the insane mileage so often.  I missed out on the spectacular view of the fireworks here in Hoboken, but you really can’t compare that with the fun Jack had hugging Lola, laughing with Lolo and chasing his uncles.

Per usual, there’s always a downside.  Over the weekend, Jeff got sick, possibly because of his exhaustive hours and the stress he’s been carrying around.  So he spent a much-needed day to sleep in and rest.  As if that wasn’t enough, somehow, Jack had another allergic reaction and broke out into full-body hives.  Head to toe.  Pure misery.  He was so uncomfortable, whiny and clingy.  It certainly wasn’t fun to look at and watch him itch his little body all weekend.  We did the Benadryl route and slathered him with Sarna (awesome stuff) and tried to diagnose according to the similarities from the last outbreak.

We think this attack might have been caused by fabric softener or possibly from eating bbq sauce (?) but a visit to the allergist has been schedule, just to be sure.  When allergies are concerned, you can never play it too safe.


This time almost seem less panicky because we had family around—the same family that goes through similar allergy attacks.   Less panicky, yes, but still a pain in the ass.  I don’t know how many trips I took to Walgreens this past weekend, but I think I got to know all the cashiers by first name. haha.

In the end, I didn’t get my front row seats to the fireworks, but instead, had our own dose of action.  I didn’t get any beach time either, but like most VB locals who don’t live AT the beach, we wouldn’t dare step foot near the oceanfront and deal with that craziness anyway.IMG_2322

We might not have had the chance to see everyone we wanted or do everything I’d hoped, but what we DID do was relax, laugh and catch up with family.  Jack hung out with his grandparents, just like a day hasn’t passed in between visits.  We all laughed and smiled—together.  I even found time to make a cake for America!  (And not-so-secretly for myself since we don’t really get to celebrate birthdays together anymore)

But watching Jack Hula Hoop with Lola, and discovering that my mom and dad could rock out on the Wii (and put my sorry bowling self to shame and all the laughs at my expense)?  Yeah, those candid moments make all the traveling worth the effort. And great material for the blog. hahaha.

But coming back and sleeping in our own bed? Yeah, I’m super grateful for that too.