Oh, the weekend.  How do you always happen so quickly?

The weekend was lovely; it was spent doing City things, meeting costumed characters and enjoying delicious BBQ!  Yum.

I took so many pictures (surprise!) so it’s taking forever to upload.  But once they’re up, I’ll be sure to share.  That’ll be the next post!

Because I feel like I’m constantly spinning with no stopping in sight, may I entice you with this video?  Have I mentioned that someone has taken a liking to spinning?

I love when he starts to get dizzy and giggles.  It’s like, THIS IS FUN, this spinning, let me do it until I fall, mom!  It probably says somewhere in the mom handbook that I’m supposed to reprimand for something like this, but whatevs.

You spin me right ’round indeed.

oh and for serious, can this rain end already? Although, in addition to his love for rainboots, Jack has discovered the awesomeness that is the umbrella. But ya know, when he’s as serious and cute as this, eh, I don’t mind so much.
singing in the rain