We’re knee deep in tissues, Boogie Wipes, hand soap and nasal aspirators over here.

Nope, not the pig flu. But, Jack is under the weather and it sucks as usual.  Lots of tears, clingyness and still no sleep. We’re quaranting ourselves since we obviously don’t want to scare people who are already freaked out and running around in surgical masks.  If things don’t get better, or if his temps continue to soar, we’ll play it safe and squeeze in a doctor’s visit.

So, when we’re confined at home like this all day and not getting out with the rest of society, things get so tough.  I know you know what I mean.  The clingyness gets to me as I’m sure my pecking away on the computer gets to my sick little buddy.

I feel so helpless knowing that I can’t fix my kid and his nose, but what’s worse is hearing and reading about the swine flu madness.  Every website. Every Tweet.  Every single tv show…even Martha Stewart was interupted by a swine flu briefing.  Meanwhile, as many people have pointed out, there were 83 deaths in 2008 from the “regular” flu.  It sort of puts things into perspective.

Wash your hands people.  Have tissues onhand.  As stores are selling out of hand sanitizer (just ask Jeff about this!), don’t forget, soap and water does the trick.

Stay healthy everyone and if you’re sick, stay home for crying out loud.  Even if it drives you nuts!