It’s no big secret that we’re huge commercial fans, here in our house.  But it’s those AT&T ‘More Bars in More Places’ commercials that always get us talking.  The Sweet Pea commercial?  Love them.  The Techno Twins? Um, even though they’re not really part of the ‘bars’ commercial, they crack me up.  The new long distance boyfriend and girlfriend/picture mail one?  Been there, love that.  But the most recent one, with the guys launching the new brewery, has us rewinding and yelling BARS, BARS and MORE BARS!


Well, okay, I’m the one cheating by just yelling bars.   Bars, as in more coverage in more places, not the happy hour, beer and shot-filled kind.   Jeff and I play a game where we point out all the bars in the commercial that are made out of mundane objects–baguettes, vases, beer mugs.  The bars, that represent AT&T’s tagline, More Bars in More Places, are sometimes ever so subtle that each commercial is a new game.  Does anyone else do this or are we the only nerds that are so easily amused?

Yes, these are our new bars.  A few years ago, we were that couple that memorized our local watering hole’s beer specials for every day of the week.  Long gone are the days of walking the block and half home after having said beer specials.  These days, we’re counting bars on those damn AT&T commercials—while having beers and enjoying it, of course!

Funny how times change…