I was planning a thorough developmental update to coincide with Jack turning 18 months in just a few short days, but considering I’ve had to stop everything I was doing every hour ON the hour, almost every day for the past week, I can’t help but wonder, ‘what the hell is going on!?‘ To be a little more specific, Jack and I get up between 6-7am every day. Before I even sit up out of bed, I can see my child signing “eat,” in synchronicity with Jeff’s alarm. If I’m not up fast enough, the signs quickly morph into a more demanding, “Mama, UP! UP, MAMA, UP!

Coffee isn’t even made before I start the boy’s breakfast. First course: Banana and milk. Before I can even pour water into the coffee maker, he’s swallowed the banana whole and tries to hand the banana peel through the safety gate into the kitchen. And this is how the current all-day eating binge begins.

More, pleaseIt wasn’t always like this. Actually, up until a few weeks ago, his eating patterns were so predictable: 3 meals and 2 snacks that were eaten, not inhaled. His meals are usually whatever I’m eating–nothing too crazy. Fruit and cereal for breakfast, pasta or leftovers for lunch and dinner always varies, from baked chicken to beef tenderloin to fishsticks on Fridays. 9 times out of 10, he eats the entire meal and often asks for seconds when Jeff eats his dinner. Now, it seems like he eats 4 meals and snacks all day. When I say snacks, I push the healthy stuff: fruit, yogurt and cereal, with animal crackers and flavored ricecakes as “treats.”

I’m cautiously optimistic when I think this, but the kid is a good eater…for now. But this good eating routine has gone into overdrive lately. As if the sickness and sleeplessness from a few weeks ago didn’t slow us down enough, once all that is done, we’re onto the all-day eating buffet. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining that he’s a decent eater or that he’s healthy and continues to grow like a weed. I’m just trying to wrap my brain around this current phase and the constant eating and the nonstop signing for ‘more.’ When I say constant, I truly mean that. This phase reminds me of his many infant growth spurts and the cluster feedings, but instead of nursing, I’m constantly dishing crackers, cutting fruit and wiping sticky fingers! If he’s hungry and I’m too slow for his liking, I can see him in my peripheral vision plucking crumbs out of the newly vacuumed carpet or finding crackers that he’s hidden in his toybox. ewwww.

And then it occurred to me, he hasn’t really grown that much in the past few months, so this must be a major growth spurt. After a little digging, it looks like I’m definitely not alone.
I haven’t noticed the physical outcome of this so-called growth spurt yet. But seriously, at 29 lbs how much bigger can he get?

Oh, and don’t be fooled: the all day buffet is just a small source of our exhaustion/my fast track to insanity. More on the defiant, Mr. Independent, Captain Destructor, curious little lovebug later. It’s time to eat AGAIN.