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Big squirrel, little squirrel

As much as city squirrels gross me out, they actually provide loads of entertainment and plenty of curious looks from Jack. I thought I’d share this cute video that made us smile. So, here’s a fun YouTube video that I found via Cookie Mag.
Because teaching the little ones how to make things work never gets old…

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apple vs. ball

Perhaps you might remember this photo I took when we visited the Children’s Museum of Manhattan with my cousin?


Yeah, about that…it’s coming into fruition now.  I’m not sure about every two hours, but in the last few days, we’ve noticed Jack’s vocabulary flourish.  From the usual “mama” to the annoying “noooo” to the more important, “cooookie?,” Jack is well on his way to becoming just as loquacious as his dad.

Earlier in the week, everything round was either a ball or an apple.  A bagel?  Yeah, that was a ball.  An orange?  That was clearly an apple.  But after a few days of bribing and quizzing, by gosh, I think we’ve got it!

Oh, and don’t mind me snatching the apple out of his hand and treating him like a show pony.  He ate that apple with pride and of course threw it like a ball when he was done.

Peeps, it’s the small victories that fuel our days.

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Gray days and natural sweetness

It’s another gray day here in north Jersey, and quite frankly, we’re over it.  We’re officially out of groceries and other necessities and I’m so tempted to forgo the walk to the grocery store and just have it delivered… Nah, that would negate all the coupons and sales. Jack will be excited to get out and splash in the puddles.

Speaking of groceries, I went into the city to take part in a very informative and thought-provoking focus group.  It was about a new sweetener, so most of the discussion was about all the artificial sweeteners and our grocery buying habits in general.  We’re not big on artificial sweeteners, particularly because of all the research that’s coming out about them and we tend to lean more toward natural products.  Of course, it certainly didn’t help that the smell of aspartame made me so ill while I was pregnant.  As much I used to love Coke Zero before I got pregnant, I can’t bring myself to buy it anymore.  What about you guys, do you put much thought into sweeteners?  Do you seek out or avoid artificial sweeteners?

As soon as I get more information from the company and the big brands that are going to implement it, I’ll be sure to share and post a story.


It’s too bad that the Hoboken Spring Music and Arts Fest was so rainy and soggy this past Sunday. It was the first day that I felt comfortable leaving the house and not being as contagious. He might have a bit of a cold, but he can still rock out to interesting kiddie rockbands—in the rain.

On a separate note because we’re so over feeling under the weather and the dreary gray weather itself, I thought I’d share Jack’s thoughts as well.  This is how he felt after waiting almost 2 hours to be seen at the pediatrician’s office.

so tired of being sick!

It was a long wait in that waiting room with lots of sick kids whining and crying…I wanted to curl up and cry next to him.

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Elmo and You Tube “Poop”

Jack’s been busy building his vocabulary these days.  And just like most kids his age, he is so mesmerized by Elmo.  So naturally, after reading Ready, Set, Brush a gazillion times, in addition to watching Sesame Street every morning, the minute Jack sees that fuzzy baby-talking monster, he squeals.  But last night was different.  When a commercial for Sesame Street Live came on tv, in mid-chew, Jack practically removes dinner from his mouth just to yelp, “Elmo, Elmo, Elmo, yyyeeeee!”  It was both freaky and cute that he can now verbalize his favorite character’s name.  Oh boy, and so it begins ;)

So, in honor of Jack’s latest word, I thought I’d share some Elmo You Tube Poop that made both of us laugh, but for totally different reasons.

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The Year in Review

Dickens said it best with the first sentence of A Tale of Two Cities, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…”
That infamous intro pretty much sums up our 2008. With the good, came the bad, but it was definitely a big year for our family.

Our kid grew at an exponential pace; with all the milestones and daily debacles, our family grew considerably; and as a person, I felt my own growing pains too. I’ll always hold 2008 dear to my heart because of all the milestones we’ve celebrated, but I’m so ready to say see ya later. We’re all excited for the promise 2009 brings.

And with that, I thought I’d share a pictoral highlights of 2008:

Momma and babe

oooh! I just remembered something.

racing stripe

Jeff's birthday

4 months old

it's official

watch out ladies

High chair

oh hey ma


Eating solids

Family portrait

wheeee daddyyyyy

new car seat!

Mother's Day at Shea

Mother's day at Shea

Jack "meeting" Paris

Jack the artist

admiring the sprinkler

Boat #2 and 10

10 months old

Watertown this way


look familiar?


first haircut

Pumpkin head

There's nothing sweeter than a farewell cupcake

Jack and mom


Red and Blue all the way


Our spread

Jack and Santa

in front of our tree

Lots of promise upon the horizon

Have a safe and happy New Year celebration, everyone.

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Family fun and Christmas memories

It’s been a busy, but relaxing visit here at home in Va. Beach.  For the first few nights, I had a hard time (as usual) falling asleep because of the lack of city noise.  Strange, but true.
I’m starting to miss our normal routine, but I sure am enjoying the extra babysitting help.  Catching up on sleep is bliss.

I know I’m way behind on posts, but I hope everyone had a lovely holiday!  We sure did; ours was filled with lots of family fun, but catered to Jack’s schedule.  Instead of midnight mass on Christmas Eve, we enjoyed the usual family time and big dinner at my parent’s house.  We opened presents before Jack went to bed on Christmas Eve, simply out of excitement.  Last year, Jack was “boring” with all that baby business–the eating and sleeping stuff.  So my parents and brothers were sooo excited about his non-stop busy bodiness.  As predicted, Jack was spoiled rotten and showered with too many toys, but of course, he loved the wrapping paper and boxes the most!  Go figure! 

Christmas day was spent playing with toys and heading off to church.  We enjoyed relaxing together all day and watching Jack destroy everything in sight.

Last Friday, we hJack and his multiple Elmosad round 2 of Christmas with Jeff’s family.  It was a nice, laid back day with even more family fun.  All the older kids seemed to have a good time playing together and timesharing carrying their little cousin.  It’s always fun to watch all of them interact with one another!  The day was capped off by watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.  And funny enough, Jeff and his brother (who recite every line, along with my nephew) received awesome moose mugs from their mom.  Too funny.

From multiple talking Elmos to awesome moose mugs, Christmas, as usual, was plentiful in the present department.  But my favorite Christmas memories this year are marked by the kids’ tiny footsteps, belly laughs and copycat antics.  Good times!
Family photo '08

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The cow says…

Since I haven’t posted in a few days due to our zombie state, thanks to 3am wakings and the requisite 3am shrieks of teething pain, how about I share a little video of we’ve been up to, you know, besides NOT sleeping and all…

(The cow is pretty constipated, isn’t she?)

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Big boy victories and fist pumps

Brrrr…it’s so cold here that I actually slept with my sweatshirt AND hood on last night. Besides the cold temps, our weekend was pretty much a bust. So, while everyone was out doing holiday-related stuff, we were not. In fact, our house won the bad luck lottery and seem to have what’s been lingering in the area for awhile–the dreaded stomach bug. We’d been hearing that it was going around town and seemed to escape it, but alas, we were not so lucky after all. Jeff said he felt hungover all weekend while I felt like I had morning sickness x10. (And I assure you, it is NOT morning sickness.)
I detoxed from the computer, got absolutely nothing done, but it was nice to nap all weekend. While Jack wasn’t full-on sick, his tummy has definitely been bothering him for quite sometime, not to mention, his first molars are coming in. blah…

On the upside, not only have I napped gratuitously lately, as of a week now, my child is no longer waking up at 2 and 3 a.m. just for the hell of it! I don’t want to jinx it because this teething crap can squash my sleeping through the night joy in a hot second, but let me celebrate this singular, Herculean big boy victory.


With all that sleep, we even found time to make up a secret handshake. Not really. We started pounding our fists and Jack found it hysterical for some reason. And please, don’t ask me WHY we were fist pumping in the first place. There are just some things words cannot explain.

Good times.

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2 week delay and other work hazards

A girlfriend of mine recently asked me, “How in the hell do you get anything accomplished work-wise with a toddler running around.”  Well, the truth is, there are days like today, where I honestly don’t get a thing accomplished.  The last thing I remember was waking up and starting a new day and the next thing you know, it’s dinnertime…and I have yet to tackle that to-do list that’s been the same for two weeks now.

So, as of right now, 2 days before Thanksgiving, I have YET to mail my Thanksgiving cards that I bought a MONTH ago.  (Sorry, family)  I have yet to make it to the gym yet this week and honestly, I don’t even know if we have everything we need for cooking dinner on Thursday.  blah.  But, we do have wine.  Lots of it, thank goodness :)

I’m not complaining really, more like explaining.  It’s all part of the sacrifice and job description. I have a list of reviews I’ve been planning on writing, never mind working on my new website, but alas,  other duties beckon and loudly.  So, why don’t I show you what I HAVE been doing and what’s been keeping me busy…or shall I say who.
Hanging out in the toy basket

And of course, my favorite:

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The new juggle

Well, I just noticed the calendar, and it’s been about a month since I left my job and took the leap into this whole freelance realm.  It’s hard to believe it’s been that long already; it feels like I walked out that door just yesterday.

I’ve learned so much in this first month of working at home.  So far, I’ve come away with the most important lesson that the role of full time mom is the most challenging job I’ll probably ever have.  I guess I’ve always known that, but never really knew firsthand.  Secondly, combining the whole mom gig with the writing gig is just as complicated as it sounds.  I’m working on my time management skills and adopting a more structured schedule, but as the first month winds down, I think we’re making headway.  I wrote for several hours today, went to the gym, made lunch, made sure the kid had a nap…I even took a shower.  As for the house? ha.  I have a sink full of dishes, a stack of newspapers and magazines on the couch that I intended to read this week, nothing ready for dinner and the eternal piles of laundry.  But you know what?  I’ll get to it all…eventually.

This week has been an incredibly inspiring one, mainly because of the seminar I attended (which I WILL write about soon).  I learned so much from the event and came away with realistic expectations.   Jack and I also had a chance to have lunch with one of my good girlfriends, who is a designer that has been freelancing for about a year now.  From this “business” lunch, my friend shared her experience and transition, again providing me realistic expectations about all of this.  She’s been an incredible source of inspiration with her ongoing success.

This whole WAHM-thing?  It’s really not all about sitting in your pjs all day (well, maybe some days.)  It’s about following through with your career goals.  And of course, it’s about finding that balance that everyone deserves.   In this past month in trying to find my bearings, sadly, I’ve been confronted by a lot of pessimists and skeptics–people who have been quite vocal about their lack of faith in my freelance endeavors.   I left a good ol’ boys club because they believed that I was only worthy of being the second string player.  When I sat in that seminar earlier this week with a panel of successful mompreneurs, it reinforced my desire to prove the skeptics wrong and follow through with my creative ambition.

And finally, I can’t even put into words the awesomeness of being home all day to pick up Pirates Booty off of the floor, mop up milk from the carpet (10x a day I might add) and pick Goldfish out of the couch cushions.  To be able to hear my kid learn to talk, watch his imagination burgeon and kiss me (repeatedly) for no reason is worth its weight in gold.  Being a full time work at home mom is a new juggle, but a much, MUCH more rewarding one.

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