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Today’s Moms Book Bash and Diapers Drive

They say it takes a village to raise a child, but these days, it takes an entire community.

The authorsLast Friday, I had the chance to take part in the Today’s Moms Book Bash and Diaper Drive.  The event promoted Today Show producers, Maryanne Zoellner and Alicia Ybarbo’s book, Today’s Mom: The Essentials for Surviving Baby’s First Year, and it also brought awareness to a wonderful organization, Baby Buggy.  The room, filled with other mom bloggers and social media influencers,  brought together many voices to get the word out about a great new book, but also a great charity that helps moms in need.

Founded by Jessica Seinfeld in 2001, Baby Buggy is a non-profit organization that aims to reduce the financial burden on low-income families by collecting and delivering gently used baby items.  The moms in attendance were asked to donate a pack of Pampers with Baby Buggy’sToday's Moms initiatives in mind.  With about 100 or so moms in attendance, Baby Buggy collected quite a few Pampers to help families in need, but more importantly got us moms talking about the importance of helping NYC who really need it.  If you have gently used items that you no longer need or items that you never had the chance to use (like us,) please consider donating to Baby Buggy.  In fact, I will be donating several bags of unused items later this week.

At the breakfast and book bash, several of Mary Ann Zoellner and Alicia Ybarbo’s familiar friends stopped by—fellow Hoboken mom, Natalie Morales and another Today Show mama, Amy Robach were on hand.  The surprise guest was perhaps the best treat:  none other than Fergie ( the “real” one), Sarah Ferguson, made an appearance and spoke candidly about being modern moms and how it’s so important for us to continue helping and reaching out to one another.  It was so nice that she could take time out of her schedule to reach out to us “real” moms, but also to learn the extent of her authenticity and humor!

There were so many fun giveaway gifts—none of which I won—but I’m sure I’ll be talking about them over on The Next Kid Thing. Even though I went solo, I met so many super sweet moms, some local and one from as far as Boston, including  Mary Ann and Alicia@todaysmoms ,@melysas, @primetimeparent, @MommyNiri, @BabyCenterMom and @ChildsPlayComm.

Be sure to check out Today’s Moms book! Thanks for such a fun morning, @todaysmoms!!

Surviving that first year is a piece of cake, especially when you’ve got a community of moms who have your back!

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Spring fun, dancing gorillas and momma’s boy

Even though it was gray all day and poured all night tonight, we had one of those weekends that I totally live for:  it was sunny, laidback, yet productive.

The weather on Saturday? Perfect.  I think it was the first warm day of the year that warranted flip flops.  We headed into the City on Saturday to attend the Go Green Expo.  I won tickets, so we had the chance to learn about new and upcoming green companies, services and products, some of which I’ll post over at The Next Kid Thing.

Go Green Expo

The show was packed with all sorts of green and sustainable products, including organic vodka (!), Eco Brew, organic baby clothes, green makeup and Hybrids.  We even witnessed some dancing gorillas.  (Only in NYC!)

The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing and cleaning, things that we haven’t had a chance to tackle together in quite awhile.  It’s so nice to get things done in the morning and then enjoy the park twice in one day.  Having been so busy with the new site, and Jeff working late hours, I live for the weekends.  “They” say Spring in NYC is magical.  I have to agree, especially Spring weekends like this!

Always plottingMaxwell Park
Our streetIMG_0322

The magic is gone and we’re back to reality now.  Jack woke up screaming at 1am and after trying to let him soothe himself for quite sometime, I had to bring him out into the living room to calm down.  Lucky us, “calming down” took several hours, thus Jack and I once again slept in the chair.  It turns out, the culprit for this week’s night wakings could be attributed to all 4 canines coming in.  good times!  Good Lord, this kid has a lot of teeth!

As hard as it is trying to comfort the kid in the wee hours of the night, I try to savor those moments.  He’s so sweet and commands frequent hugs and kisses, when trying to fall back asleep; he’s such a snuggler, I can barely handle the cuteness.  I have to remind myself that one day, probably in about 16 or 17 years (if not sooner) he’s not going to want to have anything to do with me.  Until then, I’ll whine about the lack of sleep and totally savor these sweet snuggly moments with my little momma’s boy.

I hope everyone had an equally enoyable weekend, but with a lot more sleep!

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Good fodder

Thank God it’s Friday!  With all that was going on this week, I can hardly believe it’s already Friday.  Last night when I took down the recycling, since paper collection is on Thursday nights, I had to recount all the days in my head just to make sure that I had the correct day.  ha.  I haven’t had a week like this in ages…

We live in area where upon meeting you, people sum you up on where you went to college, what degree you have and yes, what you do for a living.  It’s just a very career-oriented place, with many of us sacrificing space for proximity to our workplace.  But on the other side of the token, I think the general perspective is so different back home.  Some go to college, you get a job, buy a house, have a family and go about your business.  It’s clear cut, making little room for diversion.  It’s honorable but quite different than how I’d also envisioned things for myself.

All I’d ever wanted was to write and be creative, but in a capacity where I had no boundaries in doing so.  I wish I could verbalize the fiery passion that I have for this.  But it’s always been there, and there’s no denying it, which is what landed me here.

Having Jeff along made things even more exciting for the good times and tolerable for those tough times…but things for us have been far from predictable.  We’re in our early 30s now, a time when most of our peers are enjoying their homes, a pair of cars in the driveway and working their way towards the 2.5 kids—or whatever that statistic is nowadays.

For the time being, we’ve shelved hopes for the house in place of pursuing our careers and starting our family.  It’s what some people choose to do.  We have family and friends who don’t “get it” and question our tiny space and how our rent is as costly as mortgages.  That’s fine, but again, I’ll gladly take these life experiences before the house, the 2 cars and whatever else it is that most people think we need to be successful.

Here’s the thing, people.  There’s a method to our madness.  We live within our means–at least we try.  We don’t have to be bailed out of a mortgage that we can’t afford.  And most importantly, we’ve both been given so many awesome opportunities because of this path we’ve chosen. Jeff’s skyrocketing as usual; there’s no surprise there.  And for me, well, I hope to continue to share as things progress. I am behind on posts for Babyrific, but there’s so much I need to share.

This week was the culmination of so much for me.  It’s not just some “little business” that I thought up while I was watching Oprah and snacking on cheese puffs.  For those that don’t “get” why we do the things we do, it’s weeks like this when things come full circle.  I’m doing it, ya’ll.  I’m carpe diem-ing.

The launch of my new site, though still in its early stages, is something that I’d been working toward.  I’m fortunate to be home with my kid, but I maintain the 9-5 workdays (with a little napping siesta every now and then.) But ever since I left my office job 6 months ago, THIS is what I’ve been working toward.  It’s just the beginning, but I finally have that running start.

And as I’ve said to many of you already, I couldn’t have done this without your help.  The encouragement, the belief and the inspiration–all of it has helped me reach beyond my comfort zone.  I am so grateful for the support system that I’m lucky enough to call friends and family.  And a big, big shout out to my kickass husband and all of you that have been boosting me up with the comments and frequent visits to the new site.  Thank you.

I’m not moving mountains here or saving lives, but I’m fulfilling that fiery passion and working it all out.  The small apartment, city street parking, frequent trips to the laundromat with the kid in tow?  Trust me, it’ll be good fodder for that best seller one day.

A girl can dream…

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Easter fun and the crazy things we do

After a nice and relaxing week in good ol’ Virginia Beach, Jack, Jeff and I are back in the saddle—well, we’re trying at least.  Per usual, our bags still need to be unpacked and toys are strewn about, but I’ll get to them.  I’ve got more important things to do like launch a website :)   And by the way everyone, thanks again for your support on spreading the word, commenting, Facebooking and the general pimping.  The feedback has been incredible so far!  Thank you!

Aside from my reluctance to abandon our routine, last week ended up being a nice change of pace.  I hated being so immobilized without a car and having opposite schedules than all of my friends who are on spring break THIS week.  But it was nice to sit and work without any major interruptions, or having to dig food out of anyone’s nose, or scolding someone for climbing atop tables.  Jeff gets really unruly these days. haha. just kidding.  Jack is a handful, but he is also the sweetest, lovey boy.  Except when he breaks things.  Ooops!
Easter, itself, was such a beautiful and hectic day.  As usual, we were running late to church and arrived to a parking lot that was so packed, traffic had to be directed to control the chaos.  The actual church was standing room only.  We stood shoulder-to-shoulder for a good portion of the mass, that is, until Jack decided to let everyone know—quite loudly—that he was hot, hungry and over it.

The rest of the day was spent Easter Egg hunting and chasing uncles and making grandparents laugh.  With us being so far away, I cherish the holidays because we all actually sit down to eat and talk and laugh.  I hope to continue fostering those special family traditions to balance out the crazy dysfunction.  We even took the time to enjoy “family” programming—Stepbrothers.  Because nothing says “family” more than laughing at a pair of manchilds when the storyline hits so close to home :)   There’s nothing like a full house, filled with laughter and delicious food.

Like most trips, the main caveat to all the family fun is always the havoc wreaked to our non-existent sleeping patterns.  Let’s see, of the entire week last week, Jack slept through the night only one night.  Every other night, if he wasn’t crying himself to sleep (my family is convinced he does this every night. I promise, it’s NOTHING like this here at home.) he was waking up boycotting sleep all together.  Awesome.

Last night was no exception.  Since we got home at about 1am, we had to wake Jack up to bring him inside.  Guess who was a bit upset by this?  You guessed it!  And since he was a screaming like a banshee, and Jeff needed to go to bed after a weekend full of driving, Jack and I retreated to our big blue chair.  It’s comfy, but not THAT comfy!  The sleeplessness never ends.

Oh and how about this picture?  After the crazy day at church, this is what I said to my family before they took Jack out in his white shirt to roll around in the mud and give him pots of water to play with,  “All I want is ONE decent picture in his Easter Sunday outfit.  Just one.”

THIS is what I get.

And it rocks because it’s so Jack.

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aden + anais giveaway winner


The winner for the aden + anais giveaway is Dena!  Dena, I’ll email you in a bit so we can get these to you.  Thank you all for participating in yet another great giveaway! And more importantly, thanks for all of your support in helping me launch the Next Kid Thing this week.  So far, the response has been great–with much thanks to all of you spreading the word.  So, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Don’t forget to check out NKT later for 2 new giveaways and reviews.

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Spring break winding down

While many of you are probably getting ready for Spring Break, ours is slowly but surely winding down.  I’ve definitely enjoyed the extra help this week to take care of my various projects (namely, a lot of Next Kid Thing launch planning) and Jack has enjoyed the time spent with Lola and Lolo.  We’re looking forward to seeing even more family this weekend!

When I haven’t been working on the new site, I’ve been napping–not just for fun, but out of necessity.  It appears, someone has taken a dislike to his crib here.  Jack’s so used to his Stokke crib and the way it curves at either end.  I’ll always find him curled up in the corner at night.  But here, it seems like he just can’t get comfy.  By 1am, he’s protesting and making sure everyone knows it.  Blah.  But alas, hopefully, tonight will be a different case.

The weather is finally Spring-like, at least for VB.  If I ever finish sending out my mound of emails, I’m hopefully going to get out with the family (for the first time this week!) to join them for a stroll at the beach. ahhh…


As for the launch week for Next Kid Thing, I hope to share more insight and details later today or sometime this weekend.  I had a chance to contact a few more awesome companies who have interest in the new site.  Can you say, awesome giveaways galore!  But the thing is, in order for me to have such fun giveaways, I have to ask for your help.  It’s simple:  the more comments, interaction and visits to the new site, means more giveaways.  More details to come, including the week’s lineup and glorious giveaways, so stay tuned.  But in the meantime, check out the Next Kid Thing, tell your friends, tweet, blog, share on Facebook.  I’ll lurve you forever!  Friends and family that have already been doing all of the above, it means the world to me.  It truly, truly does.

P.S.  If you haven’t already, don’t forget to sign up for the aden + anais giveaway!  It ends on Monday!

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aden + anais sale, New Kid Thing launch and a giveaway!

Since I’ve been busy working toward officially launching The Next Kid Thing, I thought I would let everyone know that we’ll be having a launch week!  While I continue to figure out the details for launch week, which is tentatively set for April 13-17, I will be doing a lot of cross-promoting on the 2 blogs.  So, please forgive me on the occasional duplicate post, but with cross-promoting comes fun goodies!


aden + anais is having a sale on their Winter Warmth and Dream blankets.  I first spotted aden + anais, the makers of the gorgeously soft muslin blankets and wraps, at Buy Buy Baby.  Their very cool packaging stands out, as do their beautiful blankets.  You really can’t have enough soft, well-made blankets for your babe.  Not to mention, how perfect are these for shower gifts!  To find out more about muslin wraps and what makes aden + anais products so special, be sure to check them out here. Now, onto the sale…the prices are as follows:

Winter Warmth Swaddles on sale for $29.95 (normally $49.95)
Dream Blankets on sale for $39.95 (normally $59.95)
Visit and enter promo code “wintersale” to receive the discount.

And lucky for you all, aden + anais is giving away one of their winter warmth blankets!

Want to win it?

Visit aden + anais and tell me what style you love.  Add your comment below.

for additional entries:

1.  Tweet about this giveaway and mention my new site, the Next Kid Thing  (2 extra entries)
2.  Blog about my new site, the Next Kid Thing  (2 extra entries)
3.  Stumble this post
4.  Sign up to receive my updates via email.

Contest ends April 13 at noon.

Please add a comment for each of your entries.

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Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower and my new baby

Big City MomsEarlier this week, I had the chance to attend the Biggest Baby Shower, another really awesome event hosted by Big City Moms.  You’re probably wondering, baby shower?  Why a baby shower?  Well, that’s because I have a new baby.   First things first:  nope, it’s not that kind of baby.

In between picking Cheerios out of my hair and cushioning my daredevil toddler’s head dives from the couch, I’ve been working laboriously on my new website for the past few months.  I’ve been researching trends, finding and making contacts, figuring out website layouts, understanding demographics and really, everything else to make sense of this project.  I’m clearly no where near finished, but I am, however, ready to release the Beta version to share with all of you, my friends and family that have kept up with my adventures through this blog.

My new website is a product of many things, but most importantly, it’s driven by the things that I’m passionate about.  Many of you already “know” my story and how none of this particular career trajectory was not really planned.  In case you don’t remember, here’s a quick reminder:  as former magazine editor turned freelance writer, I sought, more than anything, a work-life balance. In October 2008, after countless interviews amidst the failing economy and troubled field of print journalism, I decided to end THAT chase and start a new one, on my own terms.

As I wrote my goodbyes to various colleagues, one simple reply changed everything. “Wishing you all the best on the Next Big Thing.” From that moment, I knew exactly what my next big thing was; it was this, the Next Kid Thing. With my professional background, coupled with my interests as a new mom, I strive for my new website, the Next Kid Thing to be a blog that follows the latest kid trends with a magazine-type flair. From babies to big kids, from books to apps, from features to reviews, the Next Kid Thing is your go-to source for all things kids and the modern-minded grownups that love them.


Which brings me to the baby shower…as a mom with a journalistic background, I have a sincere interest in finding and understanding the unique stories that relate to the kid business.  At events like the Biggest Baby Shower, I have the unique opportunity to learn about the “Next Kid Things,”  such as the latest new stroller, toddler tables and bottle designs and more.  As I continue to build this site and meet more contacts with the help of social media, it’s my hope to include fun interviews, reveal neat finds and of course, share the good stuff.

While I continue to tweak the website, I welcome any constructive criticism, ideas, suggestions and whatever else you have to say.  In the beginning, you may see some familiar stories that I originally posted here on Babyrific. In the future, I hope to keep the two websites separate, with minimal duplication.  In the meantime, I’ll continue to round up my ideas and new posts, specifically on the great products and companies I learned about at the Biggest Baby Shower.  And finally, As with any website’s success, your comments, frequent visits and spreading the word will help in more ways that you know!

And while you’re there, check out the latest review and great giveaway.  Thanks for checking out the new site :)   Official launch date and more giveaways will be announced soon!

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